Gone with the wind

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pink Maxi Dress from Anthropologie | Turquoise and gem droplet necklace from Anthropologie Bag from Betsey Johnson  |  

A maxi dress is one of the most dramatic things that a girl can wear. I love the simplicity and elegance that they possess in your wardrobe. I am a dress advocate, short or long, just because I think they are an easier way to look put together. You don't need to over kill on accessories or crazy hair and makeup. Plus, this Anthropologie cotton maxi dress is breezy and comfy, perfect for summer. I also love the pop of pink with a denim jacket for the day, or even a motor cycle jacket for a mix of punk and feminine as fall approaches. 

Do you only wear dresses in the summer or are they a year long staple for you? I definitely find a way to incorporate them all year long- just whip out the tights in winter and you are good to go! 

:) Emmy 

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  1. Love your look! <3 simple and classy

    let's follow each other :) http://www.corinesibug.com/

    1. thank you!

      I will follow you right now :)