Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where Am I? I MOVED!

Hello boys and bombshells! So I have been INSANELY busy with school and senior year andddd moving this blog over to Wordpress! I moved the content over (after automatically mass tweeting every post...YIKES! Sorry about that) and have been playing around with the design of the new site.

I  moved over to Wordpress for a couple of reasons:
  • I want to take blogging more seriously and all of the feedback I have been getting is that people really like my blog and know I am on the brink of something (thank you for bearing with me). 
  • Reward Style, the company that handles my affiliate work, also said that the top bloggers are using Wordpress and that having a .com on the end of my blog will show my professional side as well. 
  • I knew it would be a challenge and I wanted to conquer it! I also want to be consistent and build an amazing fan base and blog of course!

^^ Here is how the site is coming along so far... I designed the logo using photoshop. I played around with marble textures as well. I want Boys and Bombshell to be luxurious and glamorous so I went with a rose gold. My theme is Genevieve from 17th Avenue Designs.

My goal for Boys and Bombshell is to have a site where you want to stay and browse all of the topics that help you look and feel your best. I have had a lifelong connection with fashion and started reading Vogue in kindergarten. I studied fashion marketing and fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design and took other beneficial classes like color theory which I apply to graphic design and fashion. At my core I am a visual person and want to make the world and everything in it more beautiful than I found it. I also think writing is one of my strong suits...I can relate to people and engage them. So I hope that I can tie my strengths and passions together under one roof (or in this case, one site) and help you all to become the best person you are meant to be. 

I know it's corny! There is always something to look forward to and the future is exciting. Follow me and my new blog >>>> BOYSANDBOMBSHELL.COM.

As always I appreciate your feedback and comments :)
XO, Emmy

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Boys & Bombshells Mood Board

Hello bombshells! Sorry for the lack of posting. I have been super super busy working on switching Boys and Bombshells to a new home and having bad luck! I purchased a domain because I am serious about growing this blog into something more (it is my baby!) I am a perfectionist and I know I can do better so I have been in the process of moving to Wordpress or Square Space. I spoke with a few people who advised me to I think I will have to hire someone to help me figure out what I am doing wrong because I can't get the blog and domain to link up. AH technology. 

Anyways thanks for letting me vent to you and here is some of the creative process at work. I would like some more personality and to completely brand the blog. I have been having fun with the graphic design and exploring colors/fonts/textures. 

More to come soon! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Best Dressed Street Style from NYFW Spring 2015

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NYFW Spring 2015

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Aimme Song! Song of Style image via

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What are your favorite looks/trends so far? I am loving the clean and modern feel. Also so relieved that floral is continuing to be prominent for spring. As Meryl Streep would put it "florals for spring...groundbreaking." Haha! But it is my favorite print to wear and always so pretty. 

XOXO Emmy 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Desk Accessories + Time Management Tips

1.Kate Spade Leather notebook (comes in other colors) 2. Odds and Ends tray   perfect for keys, glasses, nail polish, jewelry, etc. 3. 2 Kate Spade notebooks 4. Kate Spade Retro Specs Pencil pouch set is a charming way to keep your writing utensils organized and clean. 5. Anthropologie Floral 2015 Calendar  6. Be happy Always paperweight 7. Kate Spade sticky notes set these are such an upgrade from boring post it notes! 8. Kate Spade I Need To Unplug Journal 9. Kate Spade Be Dazzling scented candle 10. Dalmation Stapler only costs $24 and it is outstanding! 11. Glasses Bracelet- I couldn't resist, this bracelet has so much character and is sure to get a lot of looks (pun intended!) 

I am slowly collecting more desk accessories to make my workspace as inspiring and efficient as possible. I can't resist cute notebooks because I need to write everything down! 

Time management is one of the most important tools for every person to master. I am a college student, pilates instructor, model, actress, and of course I run Boys and Bombshells blog. It's crazy! We all have things we don't want to do, which is where time management skills can help make them less of a burden. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! I am still mastering my time management skills. If I learn anything noteworthy I will definitely share with you! 

Anyways, back to NYFW! Posts coming soon! Don't forget to follow the blog and share your updates. 
XO Emmy

Monday, September 1, 2014

Stepping Into Fall

AG Nolan Relaxed Slim Jeans fit so comfy and look amazing with booties for the fall. Black Lisle Tee has a silk/satin finish in the front but still is perfect for day-for bonus points black is an excellent canvas for a statement necklace. 

Tulpen Pointed Flats in brown leather elongate your legs. Why wear round toe shoes when pointed toe shoes are sexier? Also they are 20% off tonight only! 

I'm so excited to be the proud owner of the Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand Palette. It is a limited edition palette and the colors are so beautiful! 

Goodnight Bombshells! 
XOXO Emmy 

Better Days Ahead

So a week ago I found out the guy I was interested in had a girlfriend and had been playing me. It was a shock but within the first 10 minutes I was already over it and like "its not the end of the world." Which is my motto about everything. I blocked his number and blocked him on social media, I didn't want to tempt myself by hearing him beg or reason with me. I'm so glad I put space there because as the week progressed I was like "What the F^$& was I thinking?!" I didn't see anything attractive about him, I even was a little pissed I let my mind (and eyes) get cloudy. After talking to my girlfriends I realized that we all sort of romanticize and build people up in our heads. I also felt like I wasn't myself when I was talking to him which should be a huge sign. 

I don't think he really has any friends and as I got to know him I could see why. He was manipulative and needy and insecure. All things I don't want to be. I was happy before I met him and after I let him go I have been feeling more and more myself again. Besides, boys are just boys. 

So I just wanted to shootout my girl readers (and guys too)- if you're in an unhealthy relationship, get out! It's not worth it. Once you can see clearly you will realize you're better than them and better off. Life is way too short to be unhappy and with miserable people! 

Happy Labor Day! I'm off to go ride my bike. 

XOXO Emmy 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

J CREW Labor Day Sale: Bombshell Picks


It's time for Labor Day Sales! J Crew is having an amazing sale this weekend... you get to take an extra 40% off the final sale price in red! Use the code: WEEKEND at checkout. 

Shop Emmy's Picks from the J Crew sale:

XOXO More sale posts coming today! Here's a sneak peak: 

Bauble Bar Your go-to online outlet for the cutest jewelry, sales starting at 50% off. 

Sephora Summer Sendoff sale, get up to 75% off. 

NastyGal Who said summer ending is a bad thing? Take 30-50% off!