Holiday Gift Guide: The Beauty Junkie

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Stepping into Sephora this time of year is extra special and will really get your blood pressure rising. The eye catching packaging, the sparkles, the gloss, the palettes! I'm like a kid in a candy store walking down the aisle with my basket overflowing with "gift palettes" that will most likely end up as presents to myself. Who are we kidding, every day is treat yo self day. Whether you are shopping for your own inner beauty junkie or for that friend of yours that takes wayyyy too many selfies (god love her), you can find it all in this magical, beautiful little shopping guide. Flip through and feel free to oooh and ahh when necessary.

What is on the top of your list from Sephora this year? 

Note to Fashion Blog Photographers

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

If you are thinking of starting a fashion blog you have to be prepared for the many challenges that come with it. I've been blogging on and off for the past three years. The main road blocks for me have been 1.) school schedule- when I was in college it was almost impossible to find time to shoot. Consistency is key with being a successful blogger and I rarely stay in the same place for long which makes it hard. 2.) Access to clothing- I work my butt off so I have a tight budget. 3.) Lack of photographers (well, reliable ones).

I use hashtags to search for #LAphotographers #Blogphotographers, #StyleBlogger. I usually look for local fashion bloggers and see who they regularly shoot with. I even purchased my own DSLR camera to ask friends and boyfriends to take my photos. You have to really be determined to get your pictures- and buy a tripod if all else fails! My most popular posts were all shot by my sister or myself and edited by me. I like to select the pictures for the post and edit the pictures myself.

A lot of photographers ask me to shoot since I am also a model-which is great! But I rarely get my photos back. I don't know where the pictures go exactly- outer space? Mythical planet? It can be pretty frustrating when you are type A and like to be punctual and reliable.

So I'm writing this post to inform other bloggers and photographers that want to shoot with me. My blog is my job and I take it very seriously, especially when I have companies sending me items and want to see the photos! This is a post I am going to ask photographers that want to shoot with me look over.

If we are going to shoot it's an extremely easy and fun process but I find a lot of people have selective hearing when I ask a few things:
1.)access to the raw unedited images through dropbox or a website. You can even shoot into my card...I just need the unedited photos
2.) Getting the unedited images back to me within 2 days. I will stay up into the wee hours editing and perfecting posts... you have the easy part!

All I ask is that if you want to create with me for my blog, please be respectful of my time and I will of course be respectful of yours. I've had a handful of photographers not send me photos or send them weeks later. I always credit the photographers I work with. You can edit the photos and post on your own social media accounts as well, but for my blog I need to have a little more control since I have a style that I keep for all of the posts, writing, and editing.

Thank you for reading through this and I can't wait to shoot!

Fab Fall Finds From Forever21

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I was browsing through Forever 21 and noticed that they kinda are stepping their game up guys. I found a bunch of cute pieces for fall so you can dress for the trends without spending tons on seasonal items. My favorite trends right now are :
What are your favorite trends for Fall?

Turn Heads In A Cheeky Romper For Fall

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hi guys! I've had a slow day today and just got back from Yoga- it felt soooo good.  I stopped in Brandy Melville and Forever 21 and found some super cute fall clothes that are cheap and perfect for the moment. I have fall fever- I think it is because I am used to the change in weather and not an LA girl. I am craving a trip up north to San Francisco or even better a trip to NYC to start apartment hunting. Where are you going to venture off to this fall?

I bought this ASTR romper at the Nordstrom's pre fall sale earlier this year. I have been wearing it a lot since it's comfy and has fall colors. It's still pretty hot in LA but I add cute booties and cross over bags to my outfits to make them more seasonal. If you live in a colder climate but want to still get milage out of your rompers, just add tights under. I think this look would be even more badass with tall lace up boots (I have yet to purchase but these are a good starter pair). Shop the look below and my picks for fall :) Btw, don't you love the new site layout for Boys and Bombshells?! It has been inspiring me to post more- a pretty site design is everything!

A Little Fall Hair Color Inspo From My Favorite Bloggers + Products!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ahh this post is completely what you need on a sunday: a little bit of fall outfit inspiration topped off with rich delicious hair porn. How many of you girls have gone to the dark side for fall? Or have you stayed the same? Or even lightened up? I'm itching to go back to my natural dark roots. I miss the exotic and striking feel I get when I have a darker hair color...those rich tones that make our hair look so shiny and vibrant! I am super indecisive when it comes to my hair- when I'm dark I want to be light and when I'm light I want to be dark. Insert crying emojii here. Here at Boys and Bombshells we love all bombshell bloggers so today I am taking time to appreciate some brunette beauties. Take a peak through my fall hair color inspo and find the perfect cut and color for you!

My favorite blogger- Viva Luxury always has the perfect outfits and hair! Really-she is my goal as a blogger. I have the same coloring and similar features so I totally gravitate towards her rich brown towns and highlights in the front. If you have pale skin this is a great brown town that doesn't wash you out. 

Outfit details: The Kooples suede jacket- found similar here | Express mid rise extreme stretch legging | Michael Kors Bradshaw watch | flannel shirt | lace up heels (similar). 

Marianna Hewitt of Life With Me sure does know how to style and highlight her brunette hair. I go to the same salon as her, Nine Zero One, and love the balayage technique they are famous for. If you want impeccable ombre highlights, hit up my girl Lindsey at Nine Zero One. 

Outfit details: Laura Mercier extreme lip color

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast pulls of a pretty and natural brunette tone that has a hint of red. I love the no fuss style as well. 

Meet Krista, of a new blog I just discovered: Sugar Love Chic. I love the warm brunette color especially with brown eyes. 

This is what hair porn looks like ladies and gentlemen! Fresh highlights on a rich brunette color, yay for Cystalin Marie

Outfit details: Forever 21 denim skirt, trench, crossbody bag

Hey Pretty Thing sure looks pretty with her perfectly tasseled curls topped off with a chic hat! 

Outfit details: Uniqlo Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt dress | Moorea Seal navy brimmed hat |  Everlane high low belt | Madewell booties |

No matter what hair color you have or will have, it's super important to take excellent care of your hair! Being a bombshell, you know that already :) Products really make a difference so invest in a deep mask and do at least once a week! Sephora has great ones and offers free shipping on $50 or more plus 3 free samples so definitely take advantage of that!

What is your dream hair color? Describe it, link to your blog/pictures :) I'd love to see what you bombshells are craving for fall! 

How The Heck Do You Dress For Fall in Los Angeles?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I am always attracted to things that are worn in and loved. I gravitate towards distressed jeans or boyfriend jeans. I love light washes, especially mixed with rich leather accessories/shoes. I shot at FD studios with photographer Adot Photo and pulled together a edgier look for fall that is super easy to recreate. As you may know, I am new to LA from Chicago, and to be honest, a little homesick for fall weather and midwestern people. I am adjusting to the culture of LA and insane heat but still hitting the drawing board for ideas for fall outfits. Here's how I let some air in with these breezy boyfriend jeans and gray croptop:

Crop tops are a staple for me and I can fortunately wear them year round in this LA heat. For fall and winter opt for a long sleeve heather gray crop top. It's so hot here you don't ever need a jacket, but I like dressing for the season so I have been wearing lots of forest green and neutral colored jackets lately.

White denim is usually reserved for spring and summer but I love it with dark booties and a pastel or camel duster coat. Dare to be different and wear what you like :) 

P.S Is anyone else getting fall fever and wanting to dye their hair back dark? I am! Hint at new post... Send me links to your  dream hair color :)
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Beauty Dilemma Solved: One Stop Shop For Makeup and Brows

Yesterday I spent a good 30 minutes sifting through Yelp looking for the perfect price and location for cleaning up my crazy eyebrows. I had a brow specialist in Chicago at Maxine's Salon (she is a miracle worker, so if you're in Chicago hit up Maxine's salon). If you're on the West Coast you are faced with infinite numbers of salons, brow bars, threading studios, and waxing. It's overwhelming, and no offense but Anastasia Brows in Beverly Hills is wayyyy overpriced. Luckily I stumbled upon a peachey pink beauty studio that was the answer to my neglected eyebrow's prayers.

I found a precious gem, Blushington, in West Hollywood. Isn't it charming? I wish my bedroom looked like this! Blushington is the ultimate beauty lounge that offers makeup application, tweezing/waxing, eyelash extensions, and makeup lessons and birthday parties. When you walk in you are in a chic, feminine cave of beauty and primping. The price points are what drew me eyebrows grow so quick so I can't be spending $100 every two weeks to get them groomed. I also am dangerous with tweezers in my hand so I don't trust myself haha. I ended up spending only $25 on eyebrow tweezing which took about 30 minutes but is my relaxing time, and also a lip wax which is the polar opposite of relaxing but necessary when you are a dark haired girl. The girl doing my eyebrows also was very receptive and catering to how I want my eyebrows to look-full but a clean shape and trimmed down. I was so happy with the result, price, and 45 minutes of Emmy time in a pink and girly interior design heaven!