Monday, December 22, 2014

Boys and Bombshells Recognized As National Association of Professional Women

Hi Bombshells!

Boys and Bombshells was recognized by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) which is very exciting news for this blog! It is so encouraging to receive recognition for the work and dedication I have put into this blog. In my mind it has so much potential to positively empower women and lead them to be bombshells. I am proud that it received so much positive recognition even though I am a full time student. I wish I could devote all of my time to come up with really different, knowledgable posts that inspire others.

All of my followers and readers inspire me so much and help push me to make my content better. Thank you for your support!

I am off to get my hair done today! I can't decide if I want to go dark again yet. Don't you wish someone would invent something that would let us easily change our hair and not damage it?! (Besides wigs!)

Thank you again to the NAPW for your recognition.

XO Emmy

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hey Big Sexy...Workout Clothes For Men That Slay

Get the look: Chamber long sleeve ($128), Revival Pant ($88), Daily Sweat Duffle ($128)

Picture: Andrew Ference (professional hockey player...swooonnn) 

Trouble On My Mind // Pusha T 
R Cali // ASAP Rocky 
Nosetalgia // Pusha T 
Hundred Dollar Bill (Urban Noize Remix) // Jay Z, Lana Del Ray 
Kendrick You Next // Meek Mill 
Live For // The Weeknd, Drake 
Send It Up // Kanye West 
King Shit // Yo Gotti 
6 God // Drake 
Wet Dreamz // J Cole 

Here's a post for the guys... it's about time we tackle your wardrobe too. I forget if I told you about the alarmingly handsome man that goes to my gym. When he's not wearing his U of M shirt to proudly show off that he's smart and handsome, he's wearing masculine and effortless workout gear. I'm convinced he shops at Lululemon. In fact, I know I've seen him in one of the long sleeve tops...the way the fabric goes over his enormous biceps (but not too tight)...a girl can't forget that. The colors are subtle and always catch my eye and the fit is made to be not too tight or loose. The pieces are pricey but hold up for years. Perfect for you working men with a little cash and a lot of confidence. Bonus points for wearing clothing you can workout in AND snuggle in :) 

Click through to see my favorite things for men from Lululemon

If you want to browse more athletic gear or things you can wear on our date >>> right here

DIY Coffee Scrub For Your Body

Coffee may be your daily drink but have you ever tried incorporating it into your skin care? This simple DIY Scrub helps tone and tighten skin, exfoliate and brighten, as well as aid in diminishing cellulite. Get ready to wake your skin up! 

3 Tablespoons of coffee beans
2 Tablespoons of oil (coconut or olive oil)
1 Tablespoon of sugar

-Mix all of the ingredients together. I mashed them with a wooden spoon and tried to get the beans a little more granular. I shaved my legs first then rubbed this on in circular motions in the tub. Also it can be a little messy in the bathroom so I suggest either doing it outside of the shower on a towel and shaking off the extra coffee scrub into the trash or cleaning the shower after. I love the smell and it made my skin energized and SOOO smooth!

If you're craving more skin care posts check out Plump and Glowing Skin In the Winter (new post!)

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XO Emmy

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Plump and Glowing Skin In the Winter

As we all know winter is harsh on the skin. Now is the time to educate yourself on skincare tips and invest in the best products. Bring out the big guns and load up on moisturizer. Don't just fixate on one area of the skin though, such as preventing fine lines. Your skin is comprised of a spectrum of sensitive issues that require attention. It's not a chore (at least for me!) I think knowledge is power and it can be fun to educate yourself and pamper along the way.

HYDRATE: Start by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Many people overlook how powerful it can be to just simply drink water to get an amazing glow. As well as drinking water, applying rich and supple products yields youthful results.  Your skin is like a sponge, you need to fill it up with water first for everything else to be absorbed well." Try Dr. Jart Water Replenishment Mask ($7) which also cools the skin.

EXFOLIATE: Do you exfoliate every week? Try Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Weekly peel ($110 for 16 treatments) which improves the skin texture and also removes dead skin cells which allows your products to penetrate deeper and work to their full potential.

RETINOL: Retinol is the miracle formula that increases collagen production and gives instant smooth skin. Many retinol creams are gentle enough for daily use (at night). I had been using Neutrogena Retinol Cream which is an excellent drug store option. I just ran out and it lasted me about 2 months. Try Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM ($65) or Chantecaille Retinol ($110) to regenerate skin.

OVERNIGHT MASK: This works when you're sleeping and produces more radiant results than a typical 10 minute mask.  AmorePacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask ($60) plumps and hydrates skin to a new level.

New Skin Care Products To Try: 

Current Sales:
Saks Fifth Avenue online only designer sale. Up to 60% off!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ten Hidden Gem Shops on Instagram

Hi Bombshells!
I see a lot of cute boutiques that are mostly outside the U.S or they make handmade things. I love unique pieces and these shops really inspire me! These are all stores I have never heard of before so I thought that I would pass along with you. Instagram is a great place to find stores that aren't mainstream.

Tea You has clothes that accentuate curves. All bombshells can appreciate this! Perfect store for date night outfits. What part of your body do you like to play up most?

With Love Lilly has handmade intimates and night time pieces. I just started working on a lingerie blog called Paris Sleeping and I am going to feature this brand on there! Love these shell bras, Ariel would approve.

Skydog Jewerly has absolutely gorgeous handmade jewelry with a southern vibe. They have a shop on etsy and I could browse for hours! Can you believe that is a ring?

Shashi is a global jewelry line with colorful and eclectic pieces.

Turquoise Lane is a literal slice of summer, and who doesn't want a piece of that?!

Spell & The Gypsy is as whimsical as it sounds. Lots of hippie florals and dreamy kimonos.

Sunday Somewhere has chic and funky glasses. Vintage inspired and futuristic- choose your view.

Love and Leather has unique and bold handcrafted pieces with spirit.

Simone Camille carries leather and vintage handbags. These unconventional backpacks are too cute!

Ax and Apple is an amazing line of jewelry designed by a truly talented woman. Her style is reflected in all of the pieces and attention to detail.

If you have any other suggestions of boutique stores feel free to comment below and share! Or if you are a designer and would like to be featured email

Nasty Gal is having 70% off amazing pieces right now! Go look!
XO Emmy

Friday, December 12, 2014

Emmy's Diary...An Update!

Hi loves. So I've been more inspired than usual lately so I decided to make a fun post on here. Also this guy sitting by me in the library keeps looking at my screen so I guess it's interesting?..or he's just being a creeptree. He has no chill right now. Anyways, I have finals this week and after that I will only have one semester left of school! I am so excited and READY to graduate. 

I went thrifting at this awesome and overpriced store by my school. I ended up spending an hour and a half getting lost in a trance going through inspiring pieces in the store. I am moving to Los Angeles in May after graduation so I can't buy any furniture at the moment. I did find some really cool things that I am going to use for shoots and display in my apartment. 

Jeff (my giraffe) is wearing a new cowboy hat I bought at the thrift store. I hang jewelry, hats and weird stuff on him all the time (rough life, right) haha but it honestly is one of my favorite things in my apartment. I bought the giraffe at Anthropologie a few years ago and I always get comments on it. I love things with personality and that are unique. It's a hard combo to come across which is what makes it special and also why I have  a blog (i share these things with you!) Also the hat on my gold mirror is from Urban Outfitters- they're having a huge sale right now and I bought tons of things that I can't wait to show you! 

I predict wicker elements will be big for spring. If they aren't oh well. I don't follow the trends as much as I follow what I like. I also just think this structured bag is cute and would look precious with a gingham print. Tres ladylike. 

I snapped this pic while walking earlier. I like the fog in the back by the buildings. The Christmas spirit is in the air so I'll make a gift guide post soon! 

I had a shoot two days ago with a photographer who I really vibed with. I love his style and the things he found inspiring. I always ask to see what inspires other photographers (and other artsy people in general). Inspiration is contagious. Also he showed me the magazine C Heads. I had seen this magazine before but forgot about it..super neat and has nude-ness (but in a cool way). 

I've been on a mission to find the perfect camel coat. BTW, I hung this picture of Kate up in my bedroom because I love it so much!  I absolutely love this trend and I can see myself wearing it year after year if I invest in the right jacket. My favorite that I've seen is this Max Mara one that Kim Kardashian is always sporting. I also saw it on Tina Fey for a magazine cover.
OPTIONS: Karen Millen Ultimate Camel Coat cinches at the waist. Max Mara  has the camel coat that the celebrities have been wearing. 

The company that helps do affiliate work for my blog also provides me with popular product lists that people are loving. Thought I'd share with you. Possible Chirstmas gifts for you or friends/family?...


I've been going out a lot at night so this black and camel cape is perfect over dresses and still sexy. The weather is colder and dryer here in Chicago and using a rich body butter is a winter necessity. 
Also this hair repair and lip scrub are great for conditioning your skin and strands in the colder months. I've been using Dior Foundation daily and I love it! I wrote another blog post here about it. I really want to try this Dior "light boosting primer" as well since the foundation is so amazing. 

CURRENT SALES (for men and women): 
  • Net-A-Porter is having a huge 50% off sale that all of the fashionistas are buzzing about. 
  • Anthropologie is currently 25% off all sweaters. Good for the cold weather. 
  • Asos is having 30% off cold weather gear (boys check this one out) 
  • Urban Outfitters is doing free shipping for a limited time. 
  • All Saints is having an end of season sale.

XOXO I'll do a post like this again soon :)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where Am I? I MOVED!

Hello boys and bombshells! So I have been INSANELY busy with school and senior year andddd moving this blog over to Wordpress! I moved the content over (after automatically mass tweeting every post...YIKES! Sorry about that) and have been playing around with the design of the new site.

I  moved over to Wordpress for a couple of reasons:
  • I want to take blogging more seriously and all of the feedback I have been getting is that people really like my blog and know I am on the brink of something (thank you for bearing with me). 
  • Reward Style, the company that handles my affiliate work, also said that the top bloggers are using Wordpress and that having a .com on the end of my blog will show my professional side as well. 
  • I knew it would be a challenge and I wanted to conquer it! I also want to be consistent and build an amazing fan base and blog of course!

^^ Here is how the site is coming along so far... I designed the logo using photoshop. I played around with marble textures as well. I want Boys and Bombshell to be luxurious and glamorous so I went with a rose gold. My theme is Genevieve from 17th Avenue Designs.

My goal for Boys and Bombshell is to have a site where you want to stay and browse all of the topics that help you look and feel your best. I have had a lifelong connection with fashion and started reading Vogue in kindergarten. I studied fashion marketing and fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design and took other beneficial classes like color theory which I apply to graphic design and fashion. At my core I am a visual person and want to make the world and everything in it more beautiful than I found it. I also think writing is one of my strong suits...I can relate to people and engage them. So I hope that I can tie my strengths and passions together under one roof (or in this case, one site) and help you all to become the best person you are meant to be. 

I know it's corny! There is always something to look forward to and the future is exciting. Follow me and my new blog >>>> BOYSANDBOMBSHELL.COM.

As always I appreciate your feedback and comments :)
XO, Emmy