Crushing on Chloe

Sunday, March 13, 2016

I've been wanting to splurge and buy a Chloe "Faye" bag for a while now. The design is striking and timeless. It definitely represents my style with it's feminine features and gorgeous color options. I stopped in Barney's yesterday to stalk down my dream bag- i found it in mustard yellow which is fun for spring and timeless black. But I had my eyes and heart set on this oh-so gorgeous tan version.

The "Drew" bag is also another option that I've seen on style blogger's Instagram feeds. It comes in so many beautiful variations: this python and blush // black and pink // and adorable giraffe

I can't wait to bring home a new Chloe bag for spring! Which one is your favorite? 

Graceful Gowns For Spring

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Brandy Melville Moto Jacket (similar here). BCBG gown (similar here!), Topshop heels. Love X Style X Life book.  

Being inside the Bradbury building reminded me of something out of Harry Potter. It was the perfect setting to shoot graceful and classic gowns for spring! I love adding a jean jacket or motorcycle jacket over something dressy to tone it down and make it wearable. 

A coffee table favorite that is full of beautiful inspiration is Love, Style, Life By: Garance Dore. I've seen it on other blogger's Instagram feeds so naturally had to check it out! I love anything with French influence, and Garance Dore has French flair down to a t. 

Shop Bombshell approved dresses for spring: 

Tarte Is Your New Best Friend! #MakeupGoals

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tarte Amazonian clay eye palette, "Slenderizer" contour brush. 

Is it just me or is Tarte cosmetics on an absolute roll right now?! I want everything that they make, #makeupgoals. The company has become a social media obsession amongst other makeup and beauty lovers (please tell me you're following their Instagram) and their effort to interact with customers is what really stands out. I'm currently at an event and saw their newest foundation pop up on my Instagram feed and I was like "all right that's it, time to report to Boys and Bombshells troops!"

It's easy to fall in love with  Tarte... I mean have you seen the packaging?! Ugh so important. But beyond beautiful cases and palettes that are something out of a dream, the product itself is ah-mazing. I can testify to their Amazonian Clay eyeshadow palette that I use literally every day. I also rave in almost every blog post about their Braziliance tanning lotion that is the only product I use for self tanner. It doesn't smell weird and it makes me so dark!

(images Tarte Cosmetics Instagram)
"Rainforest of The Sea" foundation ($39 ), "Amazonian Clay"foundation ($39) I have this and love it! Use this brush ($32)to apply it for flawless finish. **New "Double Duty Beauty" gel based foundation ($39- only available at Ulta!), "Maracuja Creaseless Concealer" ($24). 

It's no secret I am a freak about foundation. In my opinion I think it is what makes your makeup look professional or amateur. The one question I ask makeup artists when I'm getting my makeup done for shoots or on set is "What foundation do you use on your clients?" Tate has options when it comes to getting your flawless skin and I can't wait to try the new "Double Duty Beauty" gel based concealer. If you have tried it already, please tell us what you think in the comments!

"Amazonian Clay" matte eyeshadow palette ($45 ), "In Bloom" eyeshadow palette ($45 ). "Classic Courage" eye and cheek palette ($28 ), "Rainforest of the Sea" eyeshadow palette ($34 ), "Tartiest Contour" palette ($54 ). 

Now for the fun part, palettes! Tarte delivers pigmented, beautiful, and wearable palettes that will become your staple for making each makeup look unique. I have the Amazonian Clay palette and use it for daytime looks... next I want to purchase the Contour palette and In Bloom palette. 

"Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint" ($20 ), "Lipsurgence" lip gloss ($19), 

The lip paint collection is raved about on Instagram and is a beauty blogger favorite. Beautiful shades and super kissable. One of the things that I notice that really affects how my pictures turn out for shoots is lip color, so I only invest in the best! 

Happy shopping Bombshells! Make sure to comment with your favorite Tarte product below :) 

You Don't Have To Show Skin For A Night Out

Monday, February 29, 2016

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA. 
Outfit details: Brandy Melville leather jacket (similar here, here), Zara beige shell crop top (similar), Anthropologie knit color blocked skirt (love this option), Topshop heels (bestseller right here.)  

Sometimes a little bit of mystery is the sexiest approach you can take. Whether you are going on a Tinder date or just hitting the town with your girls, it's fun to switch up those cleavage bearing dresses in lieu of a more sophisticated and blasé look. 

I visited Sally Hershberger salon and saw the amazingly talented colorist, Bianca, before heading out. She added highlights and a gloss to my hair so it would be all shiny and vibrant! I definitely recommend getting a hair gloss done once a month in salon! I'm due for another. 

I also used Tarte Braziliance tanning lotion which is a staple for me! It doesn't smell all funky and the color is instant and dark, plus it comes out brown not orange. 

Since spring is right around the corner it's time to whip out those peep toed sandals and show off your tootsies. I love these Zimmerman heels, the color is so soft and feminine which is perfect for spring!  Or you can opt for the best-selling Steve Madden pair which I think just about everybody owns. 

Find the perfect night out skirt by assessing you can add to your wardrobe (or work with what you already have.) This pencil skirt is versatile for work and still curve hugging enough for a night out.  

Shop my sophisticated night out picks below: 

Watch Me Walk Away

I think we all have someone, or maybe even something that we need to let go of and walk away from. Coming back to them or it, just becomes toxic for ourselves. It could be a bad habit or it could be an ex. I realized this and knew I had to stop giving my attention to someone who took it for granted. I want to be healthy all over, and that includes not letting myself waste time and energy.

In my instance it was of course a boy. (I mean this blog is called Boys and Bombshells, right?!) You may remember me mentioning of my crush, "Big Sexy" (his nickname I appropriately gave him).
I stupidly let myself fall in love with him and ended up looking like an idiot in the process.

It wasn't healthy. I daydreamed about him too much and couldn't give other guys the time of day. I sent him pictures (PG13) and was just determined to be physical with him.

In my head I thought that I'll never meet someone like him so I closed myself off to other people. I don't know if you know this, but when you fall in love with someone you can't exactly put the brakes on how much you like them. It just happens. So naturally getting over someone that you feel passionate about isn't the easiest thing to do.

For me it was so one sided, I would open up to him and tell him how much I wanted to see him. I came on wayyyy too strong. Not my style. I put so much energy into it, energy that is better suited for things and people that appreciate me back. And i don't mean to toot my own horn but I know my worth! You should be confident (not cocky) that you're worth the best people and experiences that come to you.

Basically the lesson and reminder I want to tell you is to not give yourself to someone or something that doesn't reciprocate or appreciate you. Your energy is valuable and it's so easy to misuse it. Leaving behind bad habits and bad people can be tough at first, but it leaves you better off and stronger. Envision the best version possible of yourself and start acting on it!

Kick the bad habit or person out the door by inviting new people and opportunities in to replace them. I use an app called "Class Pass" that is $100 a month for unlimited work outs all over the city you are in. You can take ballet barre class or spinning, pilates, kayaking, you name it. Trying different workouts helps me to get my mind off of him and feel good about myself. Everything that happens to you can make you better, if you let it. Motto: "I always win."

2 Ingredient Hydrating Mask for Sunday Spa Day

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday's are always my spa day! This hydrating mask uses only two ingredients and is all natural. I got the recipe from "Homemade Beauty" which you should totally grab so you can steal her all safe beauty recipes.

1 tsp. of extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp. honey

Stir the ingredients together in a small bowl until it forms a tacky paste. Pat the mix onto damp skin. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse with water. Voila! Skin is instantly hydrated and plumped.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and stay tuned for more bombshell posts.

The Easiest Tips For Staying Healthy

Monday, February 1, 2016

I am finally getting better! I have been sick for the past two weeks with a nasty virus which sent me to the ER. I ended up booking a flight home to Michigan, so here I am, sitting on my couch in front of the fire watching Sex and The City and writing you this handy dandy little guide to stay healthy this season. Thanks to the team over at Eat Clean, who wrote this post.

1. Wash your flipping hands. My mom is a stickler for this and I always am like "yeah yeah yeah, i've got you girl." But seriously, make sure you wash your hands frequently; before you eat, when you come back from errands/work, at the gym, just basically if you have the opportunity to wash your hands, do so! And don't forget to use a moisturizing hand lotion so you don't chap your skin.

2. Eat rainbows of veggies and fruits. The best way to pick out your fruits and veggies is by picking veggies that are the colors of the rainbow.

3. Yes to yoga. Yoga has been one of the most rewarding practices that I've added to my routine. I go to an advanced yoga class at Equinox, but what I love most is the teacher's invigorating and motivating attitude. Yoga is a physical workout and a mental workout.

4. Breathe. Yoga focuses on the breath, but you can do simple breathing exercises on your own to reduce anxiety. When I'm not prepping for auditions, I'm usually equally as spastic and stressed out so breathing techniques are something I have to force myself to learn and practice, but well worth it for health overall.

5. Walk. I have a weird theory that walking and moving around strengthens your immune system. Steve Jobs believed in walking to boost creativity and productivity. I recently moved from Chicago to LA, and I am walking a lot less, and driving a lot more. Even in Chicago's harsh weather and daily subway rides, I never got sick. Once I moved to LA I started getting a lot of respiratory bugs (pollution I know) but I also think that the lack of walking is a culprit too. I've made a point to find ways to walk more and go on hikes. Indoor air is also where germs are circulated and re-circulated so getting fresh air is in your best interest.

6. Journal daily and set goals. Keep a journal, or even better a gratitude journal too. I always feel lost if I'm not writing down my goals (long and short term), and also journaling my emotions and current challenges. Right now I'm all up in the air about moving to NYC and journalling is helping me make the right choice.

7. Drink more water! Not only does it make your skin glow, it cleans out toxins from your body and energizes you. I like my water ice cold and with lemon.

Most of these tips are a no brainer, but worth revisiting to make sure you are hitting the basic principles of good health!