Sunday, September 27, 2015

Send Nudes... With California Tan

Summer might be over but here in California we still have 90 degree weather. This will be my first fall and winter in warm weather, I am used to the polar vortex and snow days! I admit that I have been missing my home in Chicago quite a bit lately...those midwestern people have a way of staying in your heart. I shot this post in Chicago by Lake Michigan..what an amazing back drop! The swimsuit is from Akira Chicago, the necklace is from my mom, and the gladiators are Free People. Keep on reading to see how I got this golden tan. 

Every bombshell needs a rocking tan. Bikinis are a wardrobe staple here in California and so is sunscreen! I don't want to look old when I'm old! You guys know my biggest things are: drink a lot of water and protect your skin. Since I wear a lot of SPF, I rely on self tanners for a natural looking (but safe) tan. I have tried them all and was lucky enough to get a spray tan from the California Tan team. I picked up a bag of their products and have been using them all for every day and as well as shoots. I love knowing that my skin as safe and I still have color. Spray tans are perfect for fall and winter because nobody wants to be looking like Casper all year. 

I've been using the Instant Sunless Spray every day on my face. I hold the can about 12 inches away and just lightly mist my face to get an extra glow- it darkens me about 2 shades but if you want to intensify it, keep misting! For my body I use the Instant sunless mousse and make sure to exfoliate before hand. I apply with my hands (i don't really like those tanning gloves) and just scrub my hands with soap and water right after. 
The best swim sale's of the moment: 
Anthropologie- you know I had to include my favorite store :) 
ASOS- tons of bright prints and affordable! 
Free People- boho heaven for swimwear 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Goals: Deep Direction

Thank you to B Bar for the relevant topic for this month's blog link is something I have been meaning to put into words to motivate my readers and to learn from my crazy experiences! 

Lately I feel like I am being spun in twenty different directions at once and half-assing everything I do so I can look down every path that I find. I just graduated from college and landed in a big new city (Los Angeles sound familiar?) I have been going a little nuts. My diagnosis is that I'm having a cliche existential crisis. I know I'm young and just a baby but my thoughts have been: hurry up and figure out your purpose before it's too late. It's a kind of stress I'm not used to because I have to face it on my own and deal with it correctly. We are all trying to figure out our purpose and how to best use our time, and fall is the perfect transitional season to get yourself in the right state of mind to conquer your goals. 

My goals for fall are to deal with this overwhelming stress and fear by narrowing down the direction I want in life. Not having a plan is planning to fail, so I'd like to approach my goals with more concrete strategy than just "give it your best." I have to make sure what I do every day is aligning with what I want for the future  I commit to a lot of projects and some of it turns into wasting time and draining my energy. It's something I have to work on every day and take responsibility for. By narrowing down what I want out of life I am giving myself confidence and setting myself up for success. I suggest all of my readers take time in their day to reevaluate their personal goals. It's okay to politely say no to projects and go about it without burning bridges. 

Apart from gaining direction with what I want out of life (which is pretty deep), I also have to counteract my days with stress relief. I am fortunate enough to live within walking distance to Runyon canyon and a 10 minute drive to the beach. I also go to Equinox gym which is my treat to myself for putting in a lot of entrepreneurial work every day. I am a big believer in healthy stress relief and a "no excuses'' approach. My challenge for all of you for fall is to always ask more of yourself and always see room for improvement/personal growth. It makes life rewarding and ensures happiness that comes from within you instead of external/situational forces. 

My other goals are to track my expenditures every day from my bank accounts, clean my apartment daily, and journal about what I am doing so I can evaluate what is a good use of time. I've also been avoiding dating lately because all of the men I've seen have been overly physical and to be honest, complete nut jobs. I'm not mentally in a place to date and at the end of the day it feels like a waste of my time for no reason. I also use to get up every day at 5AM but the neighborhood I live in is pretty loud so I end up not getting enough sleep. I'm trying to move out of the area closer to the beach but I want to make sure my life is more organized before I commit to a more expensive apartment. Being responsible with your time, money, and thoughts will set you up for success! 

What are your fall goals!? 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Stripes For the Season

Stripes and two piece sets are taking over this season! I love this knit striped set from Forever 21, and it's on sale! I know you girls are always looking for a way to show off your curves while looking Chic. It's all about balance. Which is hard to attain when you're wearing razor thin high heels, but worth it when you realize the overall look is sleek and polished. I hope two piece sets stick around for awhile because you know how I feel about crop tops...can never have enough. I live in LA now and can wear summer-y clothing year round. During the fall and winter the general rule of thumb is to change materials and add layers. I said goodbye to my North Face parka, (for now) and plan to soak up this Cali weather while I am here! I also have been carrying this "cities clutch" everywhere. It is a practical size for the day and holds everything that you need. To make this look more fall outfit worthy, add daring black thigh high boots

I'm adding an extra incentive to my readers and that is to share with you my personal goals and hopefully inspire you. My blog is about continuous self improvement, sprinkled with fashion + beauty + health tidbits that make up the rest of my life. I always am reading on how to make myself better full spectrum through books on business management, time management, eating and cooking healthy, and adding new skills like coding and SEO to my resume. I figure I should share the knowledge I am picking up with you to create a hub of positive information that you can put into practice. 

I just moved to LA a month ago and had a really, really shitty transition. I got in a car accident (wasn't my fault), got sick, had to navigate a new city and currently self employed so hustling my butt off. My general response to life is to be cynical and sarcastic. I am aware of this and instead of just throwing in the towel and saying "well that's how I am", I am working to change that and replace it with positivity. I think we all could benefit from being more energetic! So my personal goals are to be more energetic and responsible and cautious of how I use my time. I think these are two powerful components for anyone that is self employed...people should be excited to work with you, trust you and your reliable use of your own time to excel yourself professionally. I'll definitely be blogging more on those topics to add extra motivation to your day :) 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Blonde Salad And Boys and Bombshells Go To Hollywood!

Today I met Chiara Ferrangi of the popular blog, The Blonde Salad, at her Nordstrom's launch at The Grove. She has inspired me to be a style blogger and helped me see the impact that bloggers can have on fashion as a whole. As a style blogger my best advice to you is to put yourself out there and go to as many opportunities as possible! If you really love the fashion industry and the amazing creative and passionate people in the business, you will jump towards these opportunities. I saw on Chiara's instagram that she was launching her shoe line at Nordstroms and I hopped in my car and drove over. 

I wanted to capture her style and was itching to wear jeans shorts with booties. Dress like you are going to blog about it. ;)  

Floppy brown Hat | Black Crop Top tank | Denim high waisted shorts | Fringed Booties | Rebecca Minkoff Leather bag (perfect bag for fall!) 

I had a blast meeting Chiara today and left feeling inspired and refreshed! Shop the look and her collection below: 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Into The Woods

Hello loves! I have been getting adjusted to living in LA by bringing out my inner boho side. A denim skirt is something you can take into the fall with boots and tights. I found this denim skirt at Urban Outfitters surplus in Chicago for only $5! The surplus store is a must-see if you are ever in Chicago... you can get $3 shirts, $5 dresses, $10's insane! Side note: I did some research  and found a surplus store in Sherman Oaks as well! I love a good deal so I can't wait to check this place out. I paired the urban renewal skirt with a modern soft shell crop top from Zara, which has been an absolute staple for my wardrobe. It has been one of my most worn pieces and the top has been washed a million times and is still in mint condition. The gladiator shoes are from Free People and have a special way of bringing out my inner Cleopatra/ goddess. They come in three different tones but I really love the nude, especially when you have a golden glow-y tan! I bought the wicker clutch on sale at Anthropologie because it is just so stinkin' adorable! I always forget to add accessories and jewelry so next time I wear this outfit I will pair it with a cute boho cuff. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The One Night Cream You Need For Plump Skin

Skirt from Akira | Korres Black Pine Firming Night Cream $68 

Night creams are a way for us to primp even while we are sleeping. When you are taking off your makeup and washing your face, it's important to add the moisture you just stripped away back into your skin. I don't normally go out of my way to buy a night cream, but thank God for Sephora VIB program which has opened my eyes to products I normally wouldn't have even thought of. I received a sample of Korres Black Pine Firming Night Cream and thought "what the heck, I'll try it." It smells amazing and my skin drank it up when I put it on. The best part was waking up the next morning to an unbelievable glow. I actually didn't know what made my skin look so fresh, plump, with no discoloration or blemishes until I put two and two together. I thought maybe it's hormones, or I have been getting better sleep and that made my skin look so fresh. NOPE. It's this magic cream. So after running through my sample size and having a major 'a-ha' moment, I went to Sephora and bought a full sized jar. If you are in need of a night cream, or simply want to wake up with plump and dewey skin I strongly suggest giving this Korres night cream a go. The reviews are amazing so I know I'm not crazy for falling in love with it right away! Con: It's a little on the pricey side but I have tried drug store night creams and they just don't deliver. 

Make sure to try this night cream out and I'd love to hear your night cream favorites! PS. I move to LA tomorrow! Sorry I have been so busy with moving and getting ready for California! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Super Easy DIY Gold Gator

I'm moving to Los Angeles next week and have been excited out of my mind about calling it my home. Moving into a new apartment has sparked my DIY side of my brain, or maybe just the pace of summer makes us more crafty. I found an alligator dude at a Salvation Army a year ago and used him as a decoration on my coffee table. It definitely catches people's eye but I knew it could even be more spectacular with a little gold spray paint. This DIY is cheap and easy but totally chic. Put it on your coffee table to scare off creepy guys or on your vanity to remind you to be fabulous everyday. 

You'll need: 
  • Predator/animal. Try a thrift store or Salvation Army if you don't have anything lying around the house. You can also spray pain a rubber animal (like dinosaur), so try Toys R Us as well. Try this guy ($6- shoutout Amazon!)
  • Gold Spray Paint. I bought mine at Home Depot for about $7 and is called "Champagne Mist". 
  • Trash bag or tarp to keep from getting the paint everywhere! 

So this is the "before" shot of the alligator. He's cute but we can make him fancier. Make sure your animal is situated on the tarp or trash bag. That sounded weird. 

Now you're ready to paint, that was fast! So shake up your spray paint for one minute- you should hear a ball inside the can rolling around. (This is a good sign.) Hold the can 8-12 inches away from your animal of choice and spray paint a light coat, while moving the can back and forth. You don't want to hover in one section or the paint will build up and drip or clump. Do one light coat and wait 30 minutes for the next coat. I also started by flipping the alligator upside down and practicing on the underside of it. Do one side at a time and let dry before flipping it over. 

And here we have our sun kissed alligator. This is after one coat of gold spray paint and he's looking pretty sharp. I let him dry for 30 minutes before doing his front side. Basically whenever you spray paint a section let it dry before moving the animal around to spray paint another section. I gave my alligator 2 coats of spray paint. 
Finished! It was super easy and I can't wait to display him/her (haven't decided-what do you think it is?) in my apartment! 

Let me know if you try this easy and quick DIY out and how you styled it/what animal you picked!