Number 1

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

|Number One jersey from Nordstrom Rack|Denim Shorts from Free People|Tan boots from Jeffrey Campbell|

I like to think that there is nothing sexier than a smart shopper. A woman on the prowl for the best deal is someone who is not to be messed with. If I am a carnivorous tigress shopper, than Nordstrom Rack is my hunting ground. I scavenged this whole outfit while I was there on a recent shopping expedition. This outfit is for confident dressers only- I am usually not a fan of shorts and heels but the Jeffrey Campbells shoes were screaming for attention.  

As a side note, shooting this look made me feel ravenous and edgy. I like to just have fun when I shoot, and I'm always trying to explore something different and be as weird as possible :) I openly welcome photographers that will let me be completely Emmy on camera. 

LyndonFrench.Com is my photographer for this look.

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