Brush your body

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Body brushing is good for your skin and for your overall health. Use a dry brush with natural bristles to sweep the surface of the entire body in circular motions. I talked with a woman at Ulta about body brushing earlier and she said "remember the key is to brush gently, not scrub." Your skin is an organ and a delicate one at that. 

Besides eliminating dead skin cells and improving skin hygiene, body brushing increases circulation to the skin through the capillaries, boosts your skin immunity against infection, and promotes a vibrant glow. 

Miranda Kerr revealed that body brushing helps to keep her balanced. She says that you can do it before or after a shower, and it's best to do it in the morning, since the point of body brushing is to increase circulation and start the lymphatic system. 

Body brushing is also an excellent combat for general fatigue and improving your body's immune system. There's no reason not to do body brushing! 

Goodnight loves and don't forget to try body brushing tomorrow morning! If you don't have a dry brush yet try a dry cloth or moist rag. 

xoxo, Emmy 

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