Winter Accessories and closeups: From other blogs!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blogs pictured:

1st column from top to bottom
1. black and gold: Style Heroine
2. Bold stripe sweater: 9 to 5 chic
3. Leopard flats: Arty Filles
4. Overalls with crop sweater: Nemesis, Babe

2nd column from top to bottom
5. Crystal necklace: Just Another Fashion Blog
6. Earrings and pink fur: Fashion Vibe
7. Red flannel: Life of Boheme
8. Alligator clutch, black watch 

3rd column from top to bottom 
9. Studded boots Natalie off Duty
10. Miu Miu Fashion Vibe
11. White and gold: Kayture
12. Tan sandal/loafers: Sincerely Jules

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