Air BNB To The Rescue

Sunday, January 25, 2015

At 4:00 A.M this morning I had absolutely had it with my loud neighbors. Karaoke was going on until 3:30 A.M, people were being thrown into walls (or what sounded like it), pot reeked in the hallway, and I was exhausted. Living in a college apartment complex is less than ideal and I am stuck on my lease until May. I have been debating staying at hotels and searched the internet for short term leases. I found something better. Was it possible I was actually so exhausted I made this up in a dream? NOPE. So there's this website called AirBNB and I browsed it for a few hours and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I felt like God finally took pity on me sobbing "I'm just so tired" into my pillow and gave me a hand. Plus my guilty pleasure is buying interior design books from Anthropologie and this is like living in one!

A glamorous gold coast 2 bedroom apartment with girly decor! $150 a night. 

What it is: Airbnb is like a glamourous personalized hotel, but better. Rent a room or an entire place (condo, apartment, or house) that's fully furnished and chicly decorated. You can even rent an igloo or castle! Browse through the charming apartments and fantasize about your weekend get-away or monthly stay. You can book per night, per week(s), or monthly. Book a stay online with the host and pay for your mini stay-cation.

Why it's great: For me it's saving me my sanity, sleep, health, and grades. I also am going to shoot for Boys and Bombshells while I'm there! You can book all over the world and skip the mediocre hotels.This is better.

A stylish brick loft in Gold Coast runs for $140 per night. 

I'm a sucker for cute living rooms. Logan Square modern vintage garden apartment runs for $125 a night. 

Ok now go have fun browsing apartments and houses all over the world. I read the reviews of different places and saw people doing really interesting things with the places like hosting baby showers at a huge apartment with a chef's kitchen. Oh, and guys... Airbnb also has an insta. Swoon. Help me pick out a cute one in Chicago!

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