Note to Fashion Blog Photographers

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

If you are thinking of starting a fashion blog you have to be prepared for the many challenges that come with it. I've been blogging on and off for the past three years. The main road blocks for me have been 1.) school schedule- when I was in college it was almost impossible to find time to shoot. Consistency is key with being a successful blogger and I rarely stay in the same place for long which makes it hard. 2.) Access to clothing- I work my butt off so I have a tight budget. 3.) Lack of photographers (well, reliable ones).

I use hashtags to search for #LAphotographers #Blogphotographers, #StyleBlogger. I usually look for local fashion bloggers and see who they regularly shoot with. I even purchased my own DSLR camera to ask friends and boyfriends to take my photos. You have to really be determined to get your pictures- and buy a tripod if all else fails! My most popular posts were all shot by my sister or myself and edited by me. I like to select the pictures for the post and edit the pictures myself.

A lot of photographers ask me to shoot since I am also a model-which is great! But I rarely get my photos back. I don't know where the pictures go exactly- outer space? Mythical planet? It can be pretty frustrating when you are type A and like to be punctual and reliable.

So I'm writing this post to inform other bloggers and photographers that want to shoot with me. My blog is my job and I take it very seriously, especially when I have companies sending me items and want to see the photos! This is a post I am going to ask photographers that want to shoot with me look over.

If we are going to shoot it's an extremely easy and fun process but I find a lot of people have selective hearing when I ask a few things:
1.)access to the raw unedited images through dropbox or a website. You can even shoot into my card...I just need the unedited photos
2.) Getting the unedited images back to me within 2 days. I will stay up into the wee hours editing and perfecting posts... you have the easy part!

All I ask is that if you want to create with me for my blog, please be respectful of my time and I will of course be respectful of yours. I've had a handful of photographers not send me photos or send them weeks later. I always credit the photographers I work with. You can edit the photos and post on your own social media accounts as well, but for my blog I need to have a little more control since I have a style that I keep for all of the posts, writing, and editing.

Thank you for reading through this and I can't wait to shoot!


  1. Hi Emmy! Happy Thanksgiving. I think your standards and expectations of photographers that work with you is completely reasonable. It's surprising how unprofessional some people must be to hoard photos they take of you and to show up late for shoots! I recently did a senior portrait session for a family friend and loved the experience. Looking to get more into it through the coming year. Working with bloggers would be incredible fun, too. If you ever find yourself in the Seattle area, consider getting in touch.

  2. Email I would love to shoot, I'm From LA