Weirdest self tanner trick EVER

Thursday, September 26, 2013

You have not heard of this before- I can almost guarantee it. Okay so self tanners are notorious for making us look orange or just greasy. I admit I never put them on my face, mainly only my legs and arms. I don't have a problem with pale skin because I think it looks beautiful and youthful. BUT a glowing tan can do the same thing, if it is natural. Laying out and tanning beds are a huge no-no and you should know that by now. 

When you tan you naturally have a pink tone to your tan, not an orange tone, which is what self tanners tend to give us. So how do we offset the orange tone?...we add red! Next time you are at the grocery store, march on over to the baking isle and pick up a bottle of red food dye. I'm not even kidding! Add 6-8 drops to your liquid self tanner, shake the bottle up, and wah-laa! 

Pretty crazy I know! But it makes sense if you think about it. You won't look red, I promise. It will counteract the orange and add a slight youthful blush to your skin, making it look like you just got back from a day at the beach. 

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