I want you

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I love odd photography with a mood and offbeat vibe. Terry Richardson is one of my muses when I am telling photographers how I like photographs to come out. Raw feels sexy to me. It was a lazy day at home, I was doing homework in this comfy but chic outfit. 

Get the look: White crisp blazer from Nordstroms, Crop grey tank from American Apparel, silk pajama  pants from Anthropologie, Ivanka Trump nude and black lady-like heels.

Hint: I like to keep a healthy glow all year by using self tanner lotions. My personal favorite is St. Tropez mousse but I also use Jergens mixed with baby lotion as a daily moisturizer. 

Hair-story: I like sexy messy hair! Big, lose waves that look disheveled... I love brushing my hair to the side and playing peek-a-boo with my eye. I recently bought this high-tech interchangeable barrel iron and I am convinced it is one of God's gifts to earth. I use it once and my hair stays curled up until the next wash and I also don't use hairspray. 

Lastly, be thankful for something today, or tomorrow morning right when you wake up. Start and end on a positive note, fill your heart with love. 

"Don't settle. Don't finish crappy books. If you don't like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you're not on  the right path, get off it." -Chris Brogan


  1. So sexy and glamourous

    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

    1. Thank you Amanda! I will have your look at your blog as well :)
      Take care xoxo

  2. Great pics!!! Love the post. I saw that you're from Chicago from Chictopia. Miss it back home since I'm in Asia for my husbands job. Hope to keep in touch =)


    1. Thank you! Chicago is below zero right now so you are probably better in Asia! It is SOOO cold.
      :) I will take a look at your blog as well. xoxo