Don't let your clothes wear you down! Organization 101

Saturday, January 4, 2014

For some reason cluttered spaces give me anxiety. Ironically, I'm a complete mess when I get home from class or a long day. I usually throw my clothes across the room and put on my workout clothes and head to the gym. My life has very little time for cleaning or myself so I am making one of my resolutions to be more organized. 

Obviously us girls have a lot more to keep in check then boys, and especially girls with a flare for makeup and fashion. (You don't want to see my vanity table when I leave in the morning-its a mess!) 


* A quick tip i jotted down in my notebook: Never let one item enter the house without another item leaving the house. (Donate, resell, give to a friend, etc.) 

1. Arrange your closet by items you wear the most towards the front, and items you wear the least towards the back. It's important to edit your closet so you can keep an eye on what works and what can be pitched. 

2. I organize my closet by item: all of my dresses together, all of my skirts, blouses, jackets, cardigans, etc. 

3. If possible, store your wardrobe that is offseason somewhere else. I get plastic bins from Target and store in a separate closet and under my bed. 

Photo credit: via Diana Hernandez Pinterest

4. Keep your shoes visible... or if you are like me you can keep your accessories and jewelry visible as well. I bought a gun rack from an antique flea market and painted it and put jewelry bars across it to hang my necklaces. It get's people talking and is a great way to showcase my accessories. 

5. Invest in the right hangers. I personally like the velvet ones because my clothes stay on them and they don't rip delicate fabrics. You can buy them at Target, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Have fun! And stores like salvation army are a great place to look for goofy odds and ends for your closet. I'll show you this awesome octagon coffee table I bought at a thrift store recently. I think I'm painting it Dark Salmon, Grenadine, or Par Three Green. I'll show you guys in a DIY post coming tonight or tomorrow!

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