Sweet Little Things: Sephora Haul & Reviews

Monday, June 16, 2014

I recommend all 5 of these products. I tested them before reviewing and sharing with you gals! Any questions on the products? Comment below and I can help! 

This is my second jar of this eye cream-so it is safe to say this has become a "must-have" in my skin care routine. I apply in the morning before I put on eye concealer and at night. 

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in shade "Ivory" $38.00 
This is medium to full coverage. Okay foundation is where I am the pickiest in terms of makeup. I really only have used MAC Studio Fix Fluid and have been wanting to switch to something else because I just don't feel completely comfortable slathering my face with that. This felt like my skin could breath while giving build able coverage.

If I could give you this, I would! I didn't know if it was worth $30 for a brush but it was. The tools you use can really make or break your makeup look and having a flawless palette (skin) is the first step in assuring you look like a bombshell! 

I bought a smaller size (50ml) for $13.00 and came without the mitt. 
I try to stay out of the sun even though I am Brazilian I am paranoid about taking care of my skin. You know the phrase "the only safe tan is a fake tan." This one is a dark colored thick lotion and it goes on best with the mitt. It sort of smells like chocolate when you first put it on but then the aroma fades. It didn't leave any streaks and looks like a real tan (not orange!) This has really good reviews on Sephora if you want to browse :) 

Attention boys and bombshells - This exfoliating mud mask is for men and women. I used it this morning. I also bought the smaller size for $19.00 because I wanted to try it first. I noticed my skin getting brighter right away and what I really liked was that it exfoliated so well but didn't dry out the skin (which I didn't think could happen!) So best of both worlds! 

* I also got a sample of DermaDoctor DD cream... I didn't really like this- I felt like it didn't go on smooth enough for a cream. I also didn't like that it had color, usually I like my primers and BB creams to not have any color. 

Let me know any questions or products you would like to try! 

XOXO Emmy 

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