Blogger Crush Wednesday: Gal Meets Glam

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who: Julia Engel is the blogger brain and beauty behind Gal Meets Glam.

One of  my biggest inspirations when I started fashion blogging was that I wanted Julia Engel's life. Her hair, her clothes, her job, her house, her relationship with her husband... and all of this fresh out of college! I have one year until I graduate (no pressure). What girl doesn't want to mix fashion and beauty with their career!? I aspire to have quality content like her blog.. the photographs are always pristine and her style is the perfect mix of feminine and cute. Think eye-catching, simple yet glamorous, and definitely girly! She has the same style as me so I would totally steal all of her outfits! 

Get her style: 

Who are your blogger crushes? It's WCW so Boys and Bombshells loves to support other bloggers on this day especially! 

Stay motivated, hungry, and inspired.

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