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Monday, January 19, 2015

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I am currently taking on a lot of tasks outside of school that are keeping me insanely busy and prone to mental breakdowns. Life can be overwhelming and I want to accomplish a lot, so I figure I need to get a better handle on handling stress and being more productive with my time.

I researched over the weekend for tips that I could put into practice right away and thought I would share with you:

1. 2 Minute Rule: If you can do a simple task in under 2 minutes, do it now- don't wait! I did stupid things like washing the dishes in the sink, answering an email, or putting clothes away.

2. Have a Sleep schedule: If you have an organized sleeping schedule your day will be more organized too. Also most CEOs wakeup before 6 am. I like waking up before the sun to feel more energized (I'm crazy I know)

3. To-Do List Duh: Well obviously have a to do list, I use a paper one in a notebook and a few apps like Evernote to jot down tasks or thoughts I have for potential blog posts and stuff like that. Make sure to prioritize your list by importance.

4. You don't have to "feel like doing it" to do it. Probably one of my favorite excuses is "eh, I don't feel like it, I'll wait till later." Well, chances are you will probably never feel like doing it and putting it off will only make it more annoying. Do it now and you'll feel better right after.

5. Take Breaks- But don't sit down. I'm more energized after a walk or after I workout. Do a 20 minute Youtube video (blogilates has great ones for abs, butt, core) or go on a walk and take pics to chill out and get the juices flowing.

The weather is super nice today and the birds are literally chirping. I had a meeting early with a mom that I am going to be babysitting for, so yay for side cash. I read an article about how there are no shortcuts for actual success. I was hanging around with guys who kept offering to spoil me and it sounds great but is it worth it in the long run? I want to earn things for myself and empower others to be successful so that means sucking it up and making sacrifices. Hard work will eventually pay off.

Have a good day! Try the new tips and spoil yourself with my sephora picks for being productive!
XO Emmy

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