How Pinterest Group Boards Can Help Your Blog Grow

Thursday, January 1, 2015

You may or may not have experienced a pin going viral on Pinterest. Even if you haven't, the importance of pinning for your blog to help drive traffic and gain new readers is crucial for overnight blog success.

Group boards are a quick way to share your pins and links to blog posts with a wider audience. Every member of the group board will see what you pin. Lets say a group board has 60,000 followers, that means 60,000 people just saw your pin. The boards can be specific to topics like fashion (such as mine) or baking, fitness, and random pins. It's a smart idea to apply to as many group boards as you see would fit your blog and content. Keep reading to see how group boards work + an instant invite to join our board!

Here's the process of joining a group board using my board Lucky Magazine Contributors and Bloggers as an example. I am the administrator for the group board. This means that I started the board and invite pinners to pin their own content to the board. Pinterest's rule is that you have to be following the board administrator (not just the group board they created) to be added to a group. So if you wanted to join my group board and pin images from your fashion/beauty blog, then you would have to be following my profile Boys and Bombshells.

After you are following me I would need some information from you. Your Pinterest email is what is needed from the administrator so you can be added to the group board. It is the email that notifications are sent to/ and the one used at login. To double check just go to account settings. See picture above for an example. ^^^

Once you send your Pinterest email to me (or any other group board administrator), you are sent an invitation. You can send your email to me via the email listed in the group board bio.The invitation will send to your notifications (the red box at the top right hand corner).

Once you are a member of the group board you can invite others to the board as well. You simply go to edit board and add your friends and other bloggers. Now you get start pinning! Pin things from your blog or place where you want to drive more traffic. Try to stick to under 10 pins a day to the group board, so the other members don't have to see an overload of pins at one time.

I pretty much just started using group boards and exploring what's out there. I can't wait to see how it can exponentially help grow my blog and connect with other bloggers. Here are some group boards to join....
Just Fashion & Beauty //

Get started here>>> Join my group board! Email: Put "LUCKY MAG" in the subject line, in the message include your Pinterest email.

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