Let's Debate Naked...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Palettes that is gosh, i saw your mind go in the gutter there. Hopefully it's safe to say everyone has tried the naked palettes and become addicted. I've seen lots of other makeup brands copying Urban Decays nude based shadows, which I don't mind because I can never have enough! I never buy eye shadow in a single pot because it's what, $18 for one color and $50 for like 12? Or something like that. Plus more colors= more fun. You know that, I know that. So let's weigh in: which Naked Palette is your favorite? I like Number 3 because 1.) the colors are the most flattering on my green eyes and aren't too dark 2.) The packaging! Ok, your turn! Comment below with your favorite :)

Naked 1 // Naked 2 // Naked 3 // ($54 each, comes with brush) 

Other Naked products: Naked Basics #1 ($27) // Naked Basics #2 ($35) // Naked On The Run ($54) 


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