Started From The Bottom. The Best Festival Sandals

Friday, April 3, 2015

From top left:
Days on the road sandal 
Rae Sandal
Henley Beaded Sandal
Vegan Noveau Mid Sandal
Wonderland Fringe Sandal
Sabler Sandal (comes in a bunch of cute colors)
Amaretto Distressed Sandal
Bellflower Tall Sandal

It's festival season!! If you follow me on instagram you would know that I'm already whipping out the flower crowns and lace tops. I'm allowing myself to splurge on a pair (or two, or three, but who's counting) of festival inspired sandals. I basically am living vicariously through all of you lucky babes at Coachella. The gladiator sandals look like they would make you feel so powerful and sexy. Do any of you own a pair?

By the way, happy easter! My family is coming for the weekend. I graduate school in about a month which is terrifying! I have been slammed with 6 classes and just being an anxious wreck during second semester senior year which is why I haven't been blogging. Cool news though.. my capstone is on branding my fashion blog. So excited to be all yours and watch Boys and Bombshells grow once I graduate in May! Ah!

More festival sandals I love: (Btw, wouldn't these nude gladiator sandals look dope with light wash denim cut offs? I think I am going to get these babies)

Email me any photos/selfies in your festival shoes! I'd love to feature you on the blog/instagram!
XO Emmy

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