Send Nudes... With California Tan

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Summer might be over but here in California we still have 90 degree weather. This will be my first fall and winter in warm weather, I am used to the polar vortex and snow days! I admit that I have been missing my home in Chicago quite a bit lately...those midwestern people have a way of staying in your heart. I shot this post in Chicago by Lake Michigan..what an amazing back drop! The swimsuit is from Akira Chicago, the necklace is from my mom, and the gladiators are Free People. Keep on reading to see how I got this golden tan. 

Every bombshell needs a rocking tan. Bikinis are a wardrobe staple here in California and so is sunscreen! I don't want to look old when I'm old! You guys know my biggest things are: drink a lot of water and protect your skin. Since I wear a lot of SPF, I rely on self tanners for a natural looking (but safe) tan. I have tried them all and was lucky enough to get a spray tan from the California Tan team. I picked up a bag of their products and have been using them all for every day and as well as shoots. I love knowing that my skin as safe and I still have color. Spray tans are perfect for fall and winter because nobody wants to be looking like Casper all year. 

I've been using the Instant Sunless Spray every day on my face. I hold the can about 12 inches away and just lightly mist my face to get an extra glow- it darkens me about 2 shades but if you want to intensify it, keep misting! For my body I use the Instant sunless mousse and make sure to exfoliate before hand. I apply with my hands (i don't really like those tanning gloves) and just scrub my hands with soap and water right after. 
The best swim sale's of the moment: 
Anthropologie- you know I had to include my favorite store :) 
ASOS- tons of bright prints and affordable! 
Free People- boho heaven for swimwear 

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