Beauty Dilemma Solved: One Stop Shop For Makeup and Brows

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Yesterday I spent a good 30 minutes sifting through Yelp looking for the perfect price and location for cleaning up my crazy eyebrows. I had a brow specialist in Chicago at Maxine's Salon (she is a miracle worker, so if you're in Chicago hit up Maxine's salon). If you're on the West Coast you are faced with infinite numbers of salons, brow bars, threading studios, and waxing. It's overwhelming, and no offense but Anastasia Brows in Beverly Hills is wayyyy overpriced. Luckily I stumbled upon a peachey pink beauty studio that was the answer to my neglected eyebrow's prayers.

I found a precious gem, Blushington, in West Hollywood. Isn't it charming? I wish my bedroom looked like this! Blushington is the ultimate beauty lounge that offers makeup application, tweezing/waxing, eyelash extensions, and makeup lessons and birthday parties. When you walk in you are in a chic, feminine cave of beauty and primping. The price points are what drew me eyebrows grow so quick so I can't be spending $100 every two weeks to get them groomed. I also am dangerous with tweezers in my hand so I don't trust myself haha. I ended up spending only $25 on eyebrow tweezing which took about 30 minutes but is my relaxing time, and also a lip wax which is the polar opposite of relaxing but necessary when you are a dark haired girl. The girl doing my eyebrows also was very receptive and catering to how I want my eyebrows to look-full but a clean shape and trimmed down. I was so happy with the result, price, and 45 minutes of Emmy time in a pink and girly interior design heaven!

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