How The Heck Do You Dress For Fall in Los Angeles?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I am always attracted to things that are worn in and loved. I gravitate towards distressed jeans or boyfriend jeans. I love light washes, especially mixed with rich leather accessories/shoes. I shot at FD studios with photographer Adot Photo and pulled together a edgier look for fall that is super easy to recreate. As you may know, I am new to LA from Chicago, and to be honest, a little homesick for fall weather and midwestern people. I am adjusting to the culture of LA and insane heat but still hitting the drawing board for ideas for fall outfits. Here's how I let some air in with these breezy boyfriend jeans and gray croptop:

Crop tops are a staple for me and I can fortunately wear them year round in this LA heat. For fall and winter opt for a long sleeve heather gray crop top. It's so hot here you don't ever need a jacket, but I like dressing for the season so I have been wearing lots of forest green and neutral colored jackets lately.

White denim is usually reserved for spring and summer but I love it with dark booties and a pastel or camel duster coat. Dare to be different and wear what you like :) 

P.S Is anyone else getting fall fever and wanting to dye their hair back dark? I am! Hint at new post... Send me links to your  dream hair color :)
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