The Easiest Tips For Staying Healthy

Monday, February 1, 2016

I am finally getting better! I have been sick for the past two weeks with a nasty virus which sent me to the ER. I ended up booking a flight home to Michigan, so here I am, sitting on my couch in front of the fire watching Sex and The City and writing you this handy dandy little guide to stay healthy this season. Thanks to the team over at Eat Clean, who wrote this post.

1. Wash your flipping hands. My mom is a stickler for this and I always am like "yeah yeah yeah, i've got you girl." But seriously, make sure you wash your hands frequently; before you eat, when you come back from errands/work, at the gym, just basically if you have the opportunity to wash your hands, do so! And don't forget to use a moisturizing hand lotion so you don't chap your skin.

2. Eat rainbows of veggies and fruits. The best way to pick out your fruits and veggies is by picking veggies that are the colors of the rainbow.

3. Yes to yoga. Yoga has been one of the most rewarding practices that I've added to my routine. I go to an advanced yoga class at Equinox, but what I love most is the teacher's invigorating and motivating attitude. Yoga is a physical workout and a mental workout.

4. Breathe. Yoga focuses on the breath, but you can do simple breathing exercises on your own to reduce anxiety. When I'm not prepping for auditions, I'm usually equally as spastic and stressed out so breathing techniques are something I have to force myself to learn and practice, but well worth it for health overall.

5. Walk. I have a weird theory that walking and moving around strengthens your immune system. Steve Jobs believed in walking to boost creativity and productivity. I recently moved from Chicago to LA, and I am walking a lot less, and driving a lot more. Even in Chicago's harsh weather and daily subway rides, I never got sick. Once I moved to LA I started getting a lot of respiratory bugs (pollution I know) but I also think that the lack of walking is a culprit too. I've made a point to find ways to walk more and go on hikes. Indoor air is also where germs are circulated and re-circulated so getting fresh air is in your best interest.

6. Journal daily and set goals. Keep a journal, or even better a gratitude journal too. I always feel lost if I'm not writing down my goals (long and short term), and also journaling my emotions and current challenges. Right now I'm all up in the air about moving to NYC and journalling is helping me make the right choice.

7. Drink more water! Not only does it make your skin glow, it cleans out toxins from your body and energizes you. I like my water ice cold and with lemon.

Most of these tips are a no brainer, but worth revisiting to make sure you are hitting the basic principles of good health!

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