Bikinis That Will Make You Want To Workout!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

How many of you are endeavoring on a healthier you for the new year? Yay! I hope you are. I am making the move to go Vegan (or trying to at least!) And I'm also cutting back on sugar and researching more into the effects it has on your body. Did you know that cutting down on sugar will help with anxiety? Anyways, there are tons of new recipes to try, new workouts to learn, and new bikinis to flaunt! Nothing motivates me more than seeing rocking bodies on my Instagram feed (I screenshot so many) and the teeny tiny bikinis that show off your hard work.

Meet The Bikinis That Do All The Body Bragging For You: 

I bet you can guess what's coming next...A bikini body workout! I'll be back in beautiful SoCal tomorrow and anxious to shoot in Malibu! 

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