Dogs Before Dudes

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Urban Outfitters Burnt Orange Cami, Levi's Vintage jeans (also worn here) similar pair here, Adidas All Stars, Zara Bag. 

Is this heaven? I dragged my friend with me to puppy stores in West Village and Chelsea the other day and you can pick out any pup you want...and HOLD IT. I'm not ready to buy a dog (Danny, my yorkie, is at home with my don't let him read this!).

Shiba! He was super shy and quiet. 

This little morkiepoo fluffy ball is exactly what I will probably get. I love Yorkies and darker haired pups like Danny. Plus they are super playful and want to be loved up. 

Posted up at By Chloe in West Village! My favorite place in NYC for vegan food. I get the kale salad and gluten free fresh baked chocolate chip cookies of course. 

Laying out at Washington Square Park. I'm super happy I had time to blog and restart up my blog. My roommate was gone for the past week and it was sooo nice. I got a lot done and finally got to work on my blog and website. Normally she is always here so it's hard to get work done! It definitely motivates me to get my own place and puppy in the near future. I'm not ready for a dog yet, but they definitely win over my heart way more than any dude ever will. The real question is, what would I name my puppy?

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