Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Every girl should have a chic French alter-ego, and Genevieve is mine. A floral blouse is feminine and makes me feel put-together. Also a fun color palette like this one adds brightness to your outfit. I wear floral all year long-life's too short to be gloomy! 

It's not too early to invest in a pair of white denim skinny jeans. Another white denim option here

Genevieve would never leave the house without a stunning cuff. This stone is natural and lady-like. She's a mysterious one, and hides her batty eyelashes behind a pair of cat eye sunglasses

She's always on the go so she opts for a pair of comfy but stylish heels!  The two-toned looks very Parisian this time of year. A versatile alternative are these black Vince heels which are timeless. 

Another pair of sunnies (and quite cheap!) Genevieve is a poet of course so she needs beautiful Kate Spade notebooks to keep her inspired. She stores them insider her French Bulldog tote (awww!) 

New hair color! Do you like it?! I am so happy I am lightening up. The floral top really makes my makeup instantly seem prettier. 

But here's what I used: 
1. I wash my face in the morning with Soy face cleanser which I have recommended to all of my friends. They LOVE it too. 

2. After gently washing I apply Vitamin C truth serum which gives me a healthy glow. There is a smaller size available if you want to try it, but I honestly aware by this! You will notice the glow. 

3. I moisturize with Aveeno  because it has SPF or Ole Henriksen smoothing moisturizer. I buy that little box and use the Vitamin C serum and night cream as well. 

4. Lastly I finish off the skin with Olay eye serum. Eye cream is a MUST.

What would Genevieve wear? Shop the look: 

Well, I sure had fun pretending to be French Genevieve. I'm off to my next adventure for the night. Take care loves. 

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  1. graet outfit, dear)
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses