Get What You Want- Stay on Track

Monday, May 26, 2014

You and I are both alike in that we have overwhelming goals. I started summer class last week (yuck) and my campus is deserted- all of my friends left for the year. I was feeling like a lost cause and not knowing what to do. I am the type of person who always has to be working towards things- I don't even watch T.V ( i feel guilty just sitting). 

Sometimes you get out of funk and lose momentum. It's normal- but instead of letting it pass, I want to make sure I am keeping my finger on the pulse of what I am going after and being proactive. 

If you really want to go after your dreams you have to put yourself in the best position. I think of an airplane getting ready for take-off. There is maintenance to be done to the plane before it can fly and you have to get rid of any dangers that could cause it to crash. 

Your distractions and bad habits will hinder you from getting to where you want to be. You also have to be an advocate for yourself and aggressive. Whenever I think I am working hard, something comes along and reminds me I can be working even harder. 

(Sorry, tough love works with me) 

Ask yourself....

1. What's distracting you? Or WHO is distracting you? Is it good for you or does it make you feel worse? 

(Okay, so this is silly but I felt like the past week I was getting distracted with boys. I kept texting, taking pictures, and wanting to cuddle (grossssss) and then this morning I was like "EMMY- you gotta stop-this isn't you and you're just bored." ) I also promised myself I would remain single until I felt I had accomplished more. 

(^^See, like what a waste of time) 

2. Are you keeping a routine? 

Even if there is no point- successful people develop a disciplined routine. I like to wake up early and workout, clean, and plan my day. This confidence and self discipline will help you remain on track with your goals. 

3. What do you want? 

One of my favorite phrases is "be intentional" meaning to do everything with purpose that comes from within. Basically, do all things with passion. 

I think getting off track of your goals can be a good thing- it snaps you out of bad habits and distractions and allows you to evaluate yourself and your plan even more. 

My parents always tell me I am the most determined person they know-and it's definitely one of my favorite qualities. But being driven doesn't last unless you motivate yourself daily (it's like showering- you have to keep doing it to stay refreshed!). 

Go after your dreams loves

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