Style How-To: Mixing Prints

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mixing printed fabric doesn't have to be thought of as mixing oil and water. Style is a reflection of self so show off your creative and sharp mind by mastering the art of mixing prints. This post serves as an inspiration for you to be brave and creative. I put together some outfits with rich colors and eye catching prints that I think you will like!

See my wedges? I love mixing in straw and cream shoes or bags to help ground your fun prints. It's cuter than just a basic leather shoe and has character! 

Try: A suave hat or woven clutch

What's your favorite way to mix prints? Comment below and I hope you liked this post! I am really getting in to the graphic design so that I can convey my content in the prettiest way to you.
Keep inspiring each other! :)

XOXO Emmy 

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