Bonjour! From France! My first 2 Days

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hi Boys and Bombshells! I am finally in France. It was a very chaotic trip down here- I still haven't gotten my luggage so my outfits suck right now! The airline "lost" my bag and it has all of my clothes, shower stuff, swimsuits, shoes, etc! Ughhh but I have fallen in love with Southern France. There are so many places to shoot outfits for my blog but I haven't gotten my luggage yet so here are some photos I took! 

This morning I went on a walk throughout the city. Here are la fleurs (flowers) a le march (the market). My favorite flowers are...

Peonies! Of course. 

I wish our cafes looked like this! I love the colors, textures, font...great inspiration for blog design ladies! 

I have to wear flats on the cobblestone. We are doing lots of walking and exploring. 

How incredible! These doors were larger than life.

Lavender fields...we got to walk through parts and had a breathtaking view of the French Alps. 

My favorite photo I took! Do you see how the water bends behind the canyons? I want to go kayaking through there! 

More pics updated daily! I am off to go explore more 


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