Three Youtube Ab Workouts to Try Today

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I get asked just about every day what my workouts are. I am a certified pilates instructor and ab obsessed gym bunny. I go to Equinox gym when I am at my apartment, but for the past week and a half I have been visiting my family in Michigan. Whether you want to save money from a gym membership or simply workout on your own in between commercial breaks or when you wake up, Youtube is one of your best friends. Here are my recommendations and personal favorites for today...

This workout from Fitsugar caught my eye because of one word: barre. I am a barre FREAK. I think it's the greatest work out ever, in particular I love Xtend Barre which really lengthens and tones without bulking me up. For modeling I have to be as long and lean as possible and squats and lower body workouts tend to bulk me up. Barre is beautiful and doesn't compress my actually works deep muscle fibers that are harder to reach. Smaller movements= better and more toned results. 

Cassie Ho is one of my favorite Youtube fitness bombshells. She is what made me see the potential and future of offering workouts to everybody without going to a gym. This extreme ab workout is one I do once or twice a week and incorporate the routine in my regular gym workout.  

Tone It Up delivers in this sleek and sexy ab workout. Grab your mat and skip the sneakers. This is a great workout to do in your hotel room or in small spaced areas. No excuses!

Those are my three ab workouts for you to complete today. I pinky swear I will film some workout videos of my own soon once I am relocated in LA. Comment below if you finish all three workouts and tell me what you think! 

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