What I Wore To Graduation

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dress: Anthropologie Candy Mint Halter Dress (on sale right now for $149!) as seen here, here, and here
Shoes: Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals ($69)
Sunglasses: Free People Kensington glasses in peach/rose gold ($20- these hold up really nice, I've been wearing them all summer!) 

I recently graduated from Loyola University Chicago and was in dire need of a graduation dress. It needed to look timeless so that if I see pictures thirty years from now I won't be like "oh god what did i do?!" It also couldn't be too short or revealing since I did attend a private Jesuit school. As you know Anthropologie is my favorite store and I have worn their dresses to all of my past graduations and special events. I had looked around for dresses at the usual suspects: Intermix, Nordstroms, and Saks, but couldn't find a dress that really stood out. I wanted it to be unique, have my sense of style come through, very feminine (you know how I'm a super girly girl), and be bold. 

This Candy Mint Halter Dress from Anthropologie (now on sale! ahh!) and it really blew me away. I love the preppy bold colors and southern charm. I grew up a preppy kid at private school with a monogrammed backpack K-12th grade. I started out my college experience in the picturesque south at Savannah College of Art and Design. This dress really tied together my prep school background and southern flare. The color also really brought out my green eyes, one of my favorite features. I tried on the dress for my mom in the store and came out of the fitting room and a few ladies nearby started yelling "so beautiful!" right when I stepped out and my mom took one look and was like "yep, you're getting it." So what do you look for when picking out a graduation dress? Something that is timeless, you feel beautiful in, and represents you. 

Shop the look: 

Xoxo Emmy 

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