2015 Reflections and 2016 Success

Thursday, December 31, 2015

About the look: 

I thrifted this amazing sparkle vintage top from Salvation Army-it's fabulous! I also got the boyfriend jeans at Melrose trading post and they have become my favorite pair of the moment. The bag is brand spanking new from Anthropologie, I actually got so many compliments on it I ended up gifting it to my mom in peach! It's a perfect party bag. 

While looking like a bombshell is always in the back of my head as a goal, I think New Years is an important time to check in with your direction in life and how to best excel in all of your endeavors. Keep reading for success hacks to use in 2016. 

2015 was the year of the panic attack for me. I graduated from college, moved to LA on my own, and have been trying to figure out life as an actress, model, and self employed style blogger.

Discovered I was more of a city girl than an LA girl.

Moving to LA not knowing a soul here was probably the biggest challenge. Ever have a moment where you really want to undo a decision? You regret it and then wake up the next day and move on. Yeah, that's kind of what happened to me moving, except I couldn't wake up the next day and get back on a plane. I had to learn to keep getting back up despite the car accidents, trip to the ER, crazy roommates, and INSANE atmosphere of LA. It's insane. I'm not over exaggerating! Especially coming from the Midwest, it was such a paradox shift! I'm making the best of it and I tell myself "you know what, it's not forever. You will get to live other places and experience different cultures so stop your bitching and enjoy it!"

Fell out of love. 

I notoriously have tweeted and blogged my little heart out about a guy I met for five seconds in a gym, hence the nickname "Big Sexy". I truly believed it was some love at first sight type of thing, but I think it really was just hormones + a bad crush. I'm not the type to get crushes on people so it was out of character for me to be daydreaming all of the time about this mystery man. I spent a year almost certain he was my lobster (Friends reference). It turned out to be a flop and a waste of precious day dream time. The good news for me is I found out he wasn't perfect and kind of woke up and realized I deserve way better and life is too short to not have passionate love. If someone doesn't make an effort for you, throw them the deuces and block away! On to the next one.

I've had plenty of meltdowns and crazy mood swings trying to figure the heck out what I'm doing and make sure that I don't mess up along the way. It definitely all hasn't gone as expected (quite the opposite to be honest) but I found that keeping a good attitude and daily checking in with my priorities and making sure they are in line with my goals has helped keep me from going completely crazy. Keep a journal, write it down! Read about other people's success in prioritizing and goal achievement and find a method that best resinates with you. And find time to balance yourself out. My stress relief is the gym, so if I don't get my daily work out in I'm all out of whack. Lastly, life is precious and each moment you have is a lucky one- don't waste it on negative things, people, or emotions.

The good news is, it will only get better. 

2016 will be full of endless possibilities, days we will never forget, and adventures that will feed our soul. It will also have plenty of not so great moments that we'd rather not Instagram and share with the world. I do know that having a healthy outlook changes everything. I promise you this, there is always room for improvement. And that is a wonderful thing! You change your thoughts and you change your life. Try just eliminating negative words from your thoughts and speech and watch how different your day will be. If you're proactive with your success you'll be able to see the rewards and gage your progress along the way. If you're not proactive, and just getting through each day without a sense of deep motivation to really succeed, you'll never be fully satisfied with yourself. Or at least I wouldn't be.

So I'm ready and excited! Here's to loving where you are in life (literally and mentally), appreciating the journey you're on, deleting all douche-lord crushes from your schedule (remember how I said to prioritize!), and to loving and respecting yourself. I hope your year starts off on an amazing note.

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