Behind The Scenes of a Feature Film

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We were freezing our bums off so we went down to a tent with heaters and blankets! 

I've only been in LA a few months but I have an immense sense of self responsibility to make each day count. How often do you get to be young and working in film/tv?! I'm most thankful for my attitude, perseverance, and sense of direction that has landed me 3 feature films so far. I graduated from Loyola with a degree in advertising and public relations but my goal since I was a kid was to be in entertainment and a part of movies. I'm a natural performer, rarely get nervous (and if I do i hide it), I love the energy of being on set- it makes my life worth living. Mix that passion with a good attitude and the results will follow. I know it is silly to say, but I believe that thinking positively and having a driven outlook is what excelled me in such a short amount of time. My New Years goals are to keep up my positive daily check-in with myself, continue to feel blessed, and also ask myself what more can I be doing to ensure I'm successful. My other concrete goals are to sign with a top talent agency, be enrolled in acting classes continuously, and get my SAG card which requires 3 vouchers. I already have one!

I wanted to share my experience last week working on the feature film, Climate of Fear. I got to wear a couture gown (the rack of gowns was over $150,000!) and have my hair and make up done with a 1940's vibe. One of my favorite parts about shooting is the amazing people I meet! I always feel like I click right away with people in the industry who share that passion.

Beth look beautiful in pink! One of the few people I've met that I can talk about skincare with for so long and not have them nod off to sleep. 

This gown was so beautiful but ended up being a little too big! I loved twirling around in it!
I brought the book: Love, Style, Life by Garance Dore to read while in between takes and getting my makeup done. It's a great airplane read too if you are traveling over the holidays. 

I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes for the film I did last week! I am so excited for this year.  I also was approved for IMBD, I'll list all of the films I am in on there :) 


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