Why You Need A Sexy Lace Up Top (Blogger Approved)

Monday, December 14, 2015

The winter weather in sunny California calls for different textures, but peep toe shoes are still a-okay. It seems like lace up tops are everywhere on Instagram and bloggers alike. I found this western lace up top from Brandy Melville and loved the suede texture and color of it. So LA. This suede top is only $7 and would look adorable with high waisted jeans. I also love this white and red lace up top that is 70's and perfect for bell bottoms and chunky heels.   The lived-in jeans are from Melrose Trading Post, which is a famous flea market that takes place every Sunday in LA. These One Teaspoon jeans make a great supplement if you are not in LA but still want to channel your laid back cool girl vibes. 

I was just browsing for shoes to share with you guys and nude lace up shoes popped up all over the internet for Spring 2016. So it looks like I am ahead ;) I actually bought these shoes a few years back at a Michael Kors sale but I think they are pretty timeless. I also love these, these, and ouu definitely these

Accessories are where you get to have a lot of fun. I basically collect handbags at this point, borderline hoard. But hey, they make me happy. I believe that your handbag ties the statement of your outfit together. This Aztec/embroidered bag makes my whole outfit feel western and boho. 

I'm looking forward to heading back to Michigan and Chicago this week until January. Finally get a change in weather and scenery! I get so antsy being in one place for too long. 

What are your holiday plans? Going anywhere cool? Comment below! 
Photographer: Mark Mercury 

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