The Top Mini Skirts For Fall Under $100

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brandy Melville nude pink sweater, Zara mini skort (also love this), Jeffrey Campbell booties (similar), Necessary Clothing Choker

Hello all of you boys and bombshells reading this! I turned into a detective and looked through the internet to find the best mini skirts for under $100. A good mini skirt will be one of your most versatile pieces for fall. I've been able to make so many outfits just off of one skirt! It kind of reminds me of that infamous math problem we all saw in our textbooks where Sue has 3 socks, 4 shorts, and 3 blouses, how many outfits can she make? In fashion, this is the only time I have appreciated math!  If you're planning on running errands or keeping it casual, just add Adidas for a more streetwear look. For work you can wear pointy ballet flats, or add booties for date night and show off those legs. When it get's chilly I'm just going to put a pair of tights on underneath. For tops the possibilities are endless too... I wore a neutral colored sweater which adds texture and keeps me cozy. I also styled it with a lace crop top and moto jacket.

This mini skirt is actually a mini skort. It has shorts in the back so it's super comfy. I got it at Zara last week so it's definitely still available! Some of my favorite places to shop for fashionable and affordable mini skirts for fall that are totally Instagram worthy are: 


I hope you can find some adorable options that will be perfect additions to your fall wardrobe. After ripping open the internet, I think the winner of the cheapest and cutest skirt is this lace up one in baby blue from Choies for only $24! I would totally style it with a sweater the same light blue color and black booties! 

How are you going to style a mini skirt for fall? Isn't it sooo much cuter than boring pants?! :) 
Shop the look: 

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