Sephora Haul: Skin Drinks

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Your skin is your most important accessory. Having clean, moisturized skin is something that will immediately boost your confidence and put you in a good mood. I am a beauty junkie so I have tried a lot of the popular brands and top 100 beauty products. 

I recently went to Sephora and had a mini haul. I went in for eye cream and came out (thankfully) with much more skin goodies than intended. Below are the products I purchased and a brief review. 

Product Breakdown: 

1.  Caviar Moisture Replenishing Shampoo ($32.00) and  Caviar Moisture Replenishing Conditioner ($32.00) are anti aging products but are suitable for any age. They have high reviews on Sephora so I decided to give it a try. It also comes in a smaller size for $8.00 if you want to sample it. 

2. Caviar CC 10-in-1 Cream $25.00. 
Okay this is a MUST have beauty product. I received a tiny size of this for my beauty insider points and I will definitely be buying the full size of this... It has 10 benefits, which means you don't have to use other products in your hair. Moisture, shine, *UV protection, smoothness, heat protection (from styling tools), softness, anti-breakage, light hold, manageability, and strength. It is also lightweight enough to be applied to wet or dry hair. 

This is like a moisture drink for the skin. I was scared of it at first, but once it touched my skin I was like WOW is this real life. My skin drank it up and I instantly was glowing. I even coaxed my mom to try it and she made an OMG face at me. We both love it! It also made my skin feel silky. I will definitely be buying the big bottle of this. 

This is why I came into Sephora... I needed an excellent eye cream. I have applied eye cream since I was 12. I had previously used Olay regnerist eye cream, which is amazing but I wanted to feel a little more spoiled. 

Every make up artist has this in their kit. Spray onto your face throughout the day for a healthy glow. Water is essential, to drink and to apply to the skin for optimal glow. 

I received a sample size of this product, I didn't really notice a difference and to be honest I don't like to tan my face with lotions. I usually will just use a bronzer on the cheek and that's enough. This has gotten mixed reviews on Sephora's site, it's worth reading reviews before you buy a product but experimenting is the best way to find out if it's for you. 

I LOVED this super primer. This was given almost 5 stars on Sephora, really has gotten superb feedback. I was amazed at how soft it made my skin. It really gives you a flawless canvas before foundation, which is what primer is all about. I definitely think you will gush over this. 

Hope you are enlightened about some new skin treasures. If you have any additional questions, feel free to comment below! 
Emmy :) 

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