Monday Motivation + The Lust List

Monday, June 9, 2014

Good morning bombshells. About to leave for socialism class (gag) but thought i'd stop in and say hi first. 

Please pardon my french but these words struck me. Writing down your dreams and goals may seem silly but once the words start flowing you can strike gold. And even if you don't it's better to be more aware of your thoughts and plans than to be oblivious. Taking extra initiatives is what sets successful people apart. You don't have to spend hours planning your life-just work on it every single day and be intentional. I promise you'll be inspired and inspiration is the fuel for us brainy bombshells. 

This is an instagram worth following: The Lust List

Speaking of are my picks for the day.

Sending you virtual peonies on this pretty day :) 
XOXO Emmy 

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