Motivation + Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough (Gluten Free)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Motivating yourself is like bathing-you have to do it every day! Motivation requires constant upkeep and care-keep watering your inner garden. 

Anyways just had to get that out of my system and share with you. Fueling you fuels me. 

Speaking of fuel.... 

This gluten free cookie dough greek yogurt recipe is as yummy as it looks. Best part is that you can just mix the yogurt, vanilla, and honey together in the yogurt container! 
I was searching for yummy and healthy treats (oxymoron right?!) but I think this pretty much hit the nail on the head. Thanks 5 foot 7 always happy to find new sources for inspiration! 

Have a yummy breakfast and beautiful morning. I'm working on a DIY project then shooting some outfits tonight :) Stay tuned 

XOXO Emmy 

P.S What are some good DIY blogs? I'm feeling the creative juices lately! Comment below

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