Love For Paris On A Wednesday

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Parisian Chic ($29), How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are ($25), Dalmatian Stapler ($24) Ansley Metallic Infinity Scarf ($49-on sale), Passport journal from Anthropologie (no longer available but I love these floral ones $12).

Goodmorning bombshells! It sure is cold where I am. I am doing an online class to fulfill a religion requirement for school and it meets every day and is 4 hours long, plus 5-6 hours of homework, reading, a daily assignment and a quiz. I have been kooked up inside but somehow finding time to blog?...

Remember that one time I moved to France over the summer? Apart from polishing my french on Duolingo every day, I've been picking up little books here and there to fill the french void. Also, it is worth mentioning of the recent shootings in Paris. Prayers going out to France and the victims and families.

The dalmatian stapler was one of those things I would pick up and look at every time I was in Anthropologie and think "now this would look cute on my desk." Since one of my resolutions is to commit fully to my job as a blogger (I love it-it's the school part of my life that I don't love!), I can justify the stapler and cute notebooks as just part of the job.

Hope you are staying warm! Lots of new posts:

XO Emmy

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