Stripes For the Season

Monday, September 14, 2015

Stripes and two piece sets are taking over this season! I love this knit striped set from Forever 21, and it's on sale! I know you girls are always looking for a way to show off your curves while looking Chic. It's all about balance. Which is hard to attain when you're wearing razor thin high heels, but worth it when you realize the overall look is sleek and polished. I hope two piece sets stick around for awhile because you know how I feel about crop tops...can never have enough. I live in LA now and can wear summer-y clothing year round. During the fall and winter the general rule of thumb is to change materials and add layers. I said goodbye to my North Face parka, (for now) and plan to soak up this Cali weather while I am here! I also have been carrying this "cities clutch" everywhere. It is a practical size for the day and holds everything that you need. To make this look more fall outfit worthy, add daring black thigh high boots

I'm adding an extra incentive to my readers and that is to share with you my personal goals and hopefully inspire you. My blog is about continuous self improvement, sprinkled with fashion + beauty + health tidbits that make up the rest of my life. I always am reading on how to make myself better full spectrum through books on business management, time management, eating and cooking healthy, and adding new skills like coding and SEO to my resume. I figure I should share the knowledge I am picking up with you to create a hub of positive information that you can put into practice. 

I just moved to LA a month ago and had a really, really shitty transition. I got in a car accident (wasn't my fault), got sick, had to navigate a new city and currently self employed so hustling my butt off. My general response to life is to be cynical and sarcastic. I am aware of this and instead of just throwing in the towel and saying "well that's how I am", I am working to change that and replace it with positivity. I think we all could benefit from being more energetic! So my personal goals are to be more energetic and responsible and cautious of how I use my time. I think these are two powerful components for anyone that is self employed...people should be excited to work with you, trust you and your reliable use of your own time to excel yourself professionally. I'll definitely be blogging more on those topics to add extra motivation to your day :) 

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