The Top Mini Skirts For Fall Under $100

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brandy Melville nude pink sweater, Zara mini skort (also love this), Jeffrey Campbell booties (similar), Necessary Clothing Choker

Hello all of you boys and bombshells reading this! I turned into a detective and looked through the internet to find the best mini skirts for under $100. A good mini skirt will be one of your most versatile pieces for fall. I've been able to make so many outfits just off of one skirt! It kind of reminds me of that infamous math problem we all saw in our textbooks where Sue has 3 socks, 4 shorts, and 3 blouses, how many outfits can she make? In fashion, this is the only time I have appreciated math!  If you're planning on running errands or keeping it casual, just add Adidas for a more streetwear look. For work you can wear pointy ballet flats, or add booties for date night and show off those legs. When it get's chilly I'm just going to put a pair of tights on underneath. For tops the possibilities are endless too... I wore a neutral colored sweater which adds texture and keeps me cozy. I also styled it with a lace crop top and moto jacket.

This mini skirt is actually a mini skort. It has shorts in the back so it's super comfy. I got it at Zara last week so it's definitely still available! Some of my favorite places to shop for fashionable and affordable mini skirts for fall that are totally Instagram worthy are: 


I hope you can find some adorable options that will be perfect additions to your fall wardrobe. After ripping open the internet, I think the winner of the cheapest and cutest skirt is this lace up one in baby blue from Choies for only $24! I would totally style it with a sweater the same light blue color and black booties! 

How are you going to style a mini skirt for fall? Isn't it sooo much cuter than boring pants?! :) 
Shop the look: 

My Favorite Fresh Skin Care Products

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

There are only a few brands that I am extremely loyal to. When it comes to skincare finding one that delivers what it claims, is affordable, and gentle is my overall goal. I fell in love with Fresh after getting a sample of their Soy Face Cleanser a few years ago. Believe it or not, before that I never washed my face with cleansers because they all made me break out or made my skin lose it's glow. The Soy Face cleanser is the only face cleanser that I've used that doesn't strip my skin of oils or make it break out.

If your complexion isn't glowing before you put makeup on, there is only so much you can do to compensate for dull skin. I make it a priority to take tip top care of my skin and make sure my canvas is protected and pampered.


Soy Face Cleanser ($38 )- Like I said, this guy is my go-to face cleanser and I use it with my Clarisonic brush once a week or whenever I feel like my skin needs a pick-me-up. I also like the following face cleansing oil equally as much...

Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil ($42 )- This trendy cleansing oil is definitely going to be a repeat buy for me once I finish the bottle (which is huge- it will take me like a year since you only need a very small amount!) This removes makeup and cleanses the skin without stripping natural skin oils. I use it at night and it takes my eye makeup off too. 


Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask ($62)I bought this because the packaging just looked...juicy. The face mask is like an orangey scrub that is mouthwatering. I tried it today and oh my lord...perfect! I am not easily impressed so I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do. It exfoliates and reallyyyy brightens up your skin. I could immediately tell. It almost acts as a natural highlighter. It is a new product and already has amazing reviews. 

Sugar Face Polish ($58)- I just picked this up yesterday and haven't tried it yet but I have a feeling I will love it based on all the 5 star reviews. It exfoliates, hydrates, and treats the skin. It also says on the package to leave it on for a few minutes which is why I'm classifying it as a mask. 

Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask ($ )- I got a sample size of this mask. It has a cooling effect and makes skin baby soft. It also kind of tingles when you put it on and has a very light consistency. I love the smell of it too. 

Rose Face Mask ($62)- This mask makes my already plump skin even more supple. I got a sample size of this and used it all up so I think I want to buy the full size or see if it comes in any more gift packages that Sephora releases around the holidays. 


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF ($45 )- I got this in the holiday package I picked up yesterday at Sephora. I normally wouldn't have tried it since I usually just use gloss. I like to put it on before I put liner and gloss on to smooth out my lips. It makes a more flawless base for adding lip color and also has SPF.


Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil ($52)- I actually am an idiot and knocked the bottle over seconds after I opened it. Spilled the oil everywhere! SMH. I have been using what is remaining in the bottle daily- morning and night. This oil is packed full of rich nutrients that not only moisturize your skin deeply, but also protect it against free radicals. It's magic! 


Brown Sugar Body Scrub ($67)- OH MY GOD. Softest my legs have ever been. I used this for the first time today in the shower after shaving my legs. I am hooked- 5 stars seriously! It smells amazing, has brown sugar with oil so it isn't rough on the skin and makes you exfoliated while moisturizing. I normally use an in-shower body lotion but I didn't have to today since I used this! I definitely would be sure to use this before a date since you will smell and feel yummy. 

All of Fresh's products are amazing and the ultimate skin treat for my spa loving bombshells out there. What is your most loved product from Fresh?


Striped Halter And Milf Jeans

Monday, October 31, 2016

Urban Outfitters halter top (similar here, here, and here $8!), American Apparel high waisted jeans, Adidas All Stars.
This outfit formula is one that never steers me wrong. The weather in NYC shot back up to warmer temps so I got to wear my crop tops without a motorcycle jacket. When the weather gets chilly again i just layer a jacket over and either wear Adidas or boots. I seriously wear my All Stars everywhere so I should probably buy a new pair soon! I love this She Inside crop top, plus it’s only $8! And if you can’t tell already, I love to play up my lips and line the crap out of them 🙂 I use MAC and Laura Mercier lip pencils. My secret weapons are: spice, soar, whirl, dervish. NYX also has great dupes, btw they just opened a NYX store in Union Square so I will definitely go check that out today and probably come out with GOBS of makeup!
The vintage crop top with the grey and pink tones was on sale at Urban Outfitters a month ago. I wore it shooting a new movie for Netflix last week! I have taken a small break from acting (sort of), I more am putting my focus into honing in on my blog and what kind of brand I want to build. Acting is fun don’t get me wrong, but I also crave being creative and contributing to the fashion world.  Hopefully you are enjoying my outfit posts as of lately and I definitely am always eager to get better at it. You already know my motto: there’s always room for improvement!
Speaking of improvement, tomorrow is November 1 and the start of a new month is always a refreshing time for  me to set a new goal. I am going to be giving up sugar for the next 30 days, it’s honestly my vice and I loveeee cookie dough! If you want to try the sugar free challenge with me, stay tuned as that will be the next blog post that I’m about to publish 🙂
How would you spice up this outfit combo? Let me know in the comments! Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, this look is on LookBook as well. I love using LookBook for outfit inspo and finding new bloggers. Feel free to follow and connect there.

Dogs Before Dudes

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Urban Outfitters Burnt Orange Cami, Levi's Vintage jeans (also worn here) similar pair here, Adidas All Stars, Zara Bag. 

Is this heaven? I dragged my friend with me to puppy stores in West Village and Chelsea the other day and you can pick out any pup you want...and HOLD IT. I'm not ready to buy a dog (Danny, my yorkie, is at home with my don't let him read this!).

Shiba! He was super shy and quiet. 

This little morkiepoo fluffy ball is exactly what I will probably get. I love Yorkies and darker haired pups like Danny. Plus they are super playful and want to be loved up. 

Posted up at By Chloe in West Village! My favorite place in NYC for vegan food. I get the kale salad and gluten free fresh baked chocolate chip cookies of course. 

Laying out at Washington Square Park. I'm super happy I had time to blog and restart up my blog. My roommate was gone for the past week and it was sooo nice. I got a lot done and finally got to work on my blog and website. Normally she is always here so it's hard to get work done! It definitely motivates me to get my own place and puppy in the near future. I'm not ready for a dog yet, but they definitely win over my heart way more than any dude ever will. The real question is, what would I name my puppy?

Fall Mini Skirts For Badass Babes

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The leaves are changing and I love it! No signs of me missing LA. I love the change of seasons because it gives me an excuse to hit the refresh button. Instead of complaining about things, I always want to find a solution and way to make it better. I love to give myself a concrete goal that is defined as much as possible. I'm working on commitment- more to the things that I commit to than to people. I am not a relationship kind of gal and I like to keep it that way. Failure is a habit and I consider breaking commitment a form of failure. Lately I have been in limbo and moved into a new apartment, broke up with someone, working nonstop, lots of excuses I know. So when I commit to something I want to be able to see it through. The reason I haven't been able to follow through lately is because of things like my new apartment being far from the train, for example. I ended up bailing out of a show because of how long it would take / I didn't give myself enough time. Since my goal is commitment, the steps I will need to take is basically to weed out the excuses that I make so that I can fully commit to my decisions and passions. 

Furry black crop top from Urban Outfitters (I also have this one from American Apparel), Zara fringe mini skirt (similar here), Adidas sneakers, Necessary Clothing choker. I also love this leopard one ($7!) 

It's now a little chilly so I would have to wear this outfit with a jacket. But I love mini skirts for fall. Like this lace up one is sooo sexy I need it! This distressed dark denim is one that I would wear casually in the day. And this one with the studs would look so cute for a girls night out with thigh high boots.

Shop more here: 

Burgundy Bralet

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lace High Neck Bra in “Berry” ($14- on sale! Comes in other colors), Vintage Levi’s Denim from Melrose Trading in LA (similar here), Adidas Super Star

This is my favorite outfit combo: cropped top (in this case a berry beautiful bra), jeans, and Adidas! I love the burgundy color for fall and think this is a great addition to add to your bra drawer, plus it’s on sale super cheap. Be bold and wear it as a top with a moto jacket over it, or under a comfy sweater as the temperature drops. The jeans and Adidas speak for themselves…wardrobe staple! I’d style this outfit differently to dress it up by adding black boots
Also, you may notice a gigantic 8 foot tall bookshelf behind me. That is because it exists. And you can get it at IKEA, and if you are living in NYC and need to flex a bedroom this works as a great room divider. It is pretty long (you can’t see the end of it in this picture) and offers limitless options for storage. You can get cloth bins or install drawers like I did. I’m going to play around with the overall balance and display of it, but for now I’m amazed at how much organization it has added! I’ll do a whole post on my new apartment with organization and design tips from yours truly.